Conditions for Establishment, Expansion of High-Tech Parks

9:47:02 AM | 2/5/2024

The Government promulgated Decree No. 10/2024/ND-CP dated February 1, 2024 specifying conditions for establishing and expanding high-tech parks.

Conditions for establishment of high-tech parks

A high-tech park shall be established in accordance with the following conditions:

a) In line with regional-level planning scheme, provincial planning scheme approved by competent authorities

b) The high-tech park shall have appropriate and feasible scope of land use, be located in appropriate natural area

c) The high-tech park shall be located in a location convenient in terms of infrastructure and transport

d) The high-tech park shall be able to connect with high-quality research and training establishments

dd) The high-tech park project must be feasible in terms of human resources and shall have professional management team

e) Investors shall have feasible plan to mobilize resources for technical infrastructure and social infrastructure devemopment in the high-tech park

g) Investors shall have feasible plan to build residential areas and public facilities adjacent to, or around the high-tech park to serve experts and workers who work at the high-tech park in line with construction process of the high-tech park.

h) Meeting conditions on environmental protection in line with environmental protection legislation

i) Ensuring defense and security

Conditions for expansion of high-tech parks

The expanded area shall have to meet the conditions for establishment of a high-tech park specified in Article 31 of the Law on High Technology.

For high-tech agriculture park, the expanded area must satisfy the conditions for establishment of high-tech agriculture park specified in Article 32 of the Law on High Technology.

The occupancy rate of the existing high-tech park shall be at least 60 percent.

Source: VGP