Sun Life Infusing Every Home with Jubilance of Tet Celebrations

10:09:13 AM | 2/23/2024

In celebration of the Lunar New Year 2024, Sun Life Vietnam has organized a series of programs with various meaningful activities, all with the goal of bringing a vibrant and joyful Tet experience to the community.

Giving Tet gifts to 801 students at Pai Lung Primary and Secondary Boarding School for Ethnic Minorities, Meo Vac, Ha Giang Province, in collaboration with the National Fund for Vietnam Children. Given the challenging weather conditions and the rocky terrain in Pai Lung commune, it is difficult for families to travel and shop for Tet clothes for their children. Sun Life's Tet gifts, along with engaging games, have brought warmth and joy to the children, fostering an optimistic atmosphere and bright smiles for a better future.

Sun Life Vietnam employees came together to make "Banh Tet" (traditional Vietnamese rice cake) under the guidance of Master Chef Ngo Thanh Hoa and Artisan Huynh Thi Trong. This event, called the Lac Quan Tet Kitchen Festival, attracted nearly 200 volunteers who diligently prepared more than 600 Banh Tet. These delicious treats were then distributed to loving homes and nursing homes in Ho Chi Minh City.

Although the activities and gifts offered by Sun Life may not have sugnificant material value, they carry deep meaning and serve as spiritual gifts filled with hopes and aspirations. These spiritual gifts contain beliefs and new hope, conveying optimism and perseverance toward a brighter future.

In addition to these activities, Sun Life also coordinates with partners with the participation of guests such as Singers My Linh, Huynh Lap, Hoang Nam Tien, Hoang Touliver, 1977Vlog, etc... to spread the message of “Tet Lac Quan”, embracing new opportunities for the community and Clients across all regions of the country.

Join Sun Life on the journey of “Tet Lac Quan” in 2024, as we bringing the Tet closer to every home.

T.H (Vietnam Business Forum)