Son Doong Named Among World’s 10 Most Beautiful Caves

9:44:07 AM | 3/25/2024

Son Doong Cave in the central province of Quang Binh was ranked 6th among the 10 most beautiful caves in the world, according to the British travel magazine Time Out.

Son Doong is one of the three representatives from Asia to make it into the list of the 10 most beautiful caves in the world - Photo: Lonely Planet

Son Doong is one of the three representatives from Asia to make it into the list, alongside China's Sạy Cave and Laos' Pak Ou Cave.

The Son Doong Cave has a total length of nearly 9 km long and the volume is up to 38.5 million cubic meters, which makes this cave the largest natural cave on the planet.

In 2009, Son Doong was officially surveyed and measured by the British-Viet Nam Cave Expedition Team led by Howard Limbert.

In 2013, the Guinness World Records Organization recorded it as the world's largest natural cave.

This amazing cave also houses an impressive ecosystem, inside the largest cave passage in the world. This huge and intricate cave system was created by the underground river, and filled with formations from the water that percolated down from a rainforest above.

Oxalis, the only firm operating expedition adventure tour to Son Doong announced that the tour is fully booked for the whole of 2024.

Moreover, 200 domestic and foreign tourists have booked for the cave tour in 2025, it added.

Son Doong cave tour is currently considered the most expensive and attractive tour in Viet Nam with a ticket priced at about VND72 million (US$2,939) per person for a 6-day and 5-night tour.

Each tour has 10 visitors and about 30 supporters serving as cave safety experts, guides, safety assistants, chefs, rangers, and others carrying luggage, food, and camping equipment.

During the tour, tourists will cross underground rivers, explore two gigantic cave ceiling collapses, traverse through underground rainforests, and sleep in some of the world's most magnificent campsites.

Source: VGP