Dutch Businesses Forge Pathways Boost Multifaceted Cooperation in Vietnam

9:41:08 AM | 3/26/2024

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh recently received a delegation of leading Dutch firms led by President of the Confederation of Netherlands’ Industry and Employers Ingrid Thijssen on their working visit to Vietnam. During the meeting, the Dutch business leaders urged the Government to guide ministries and agencies in persistently refining policies pertaining to taxation, visa regulations, and administrative processes. Notably, they expressed a keen desire for collaborative frameworks facilitating support, technology transfer, and promotional initiatives across various sectors, including shipbuilding, seaport infrastructure, semiconductor technologies, renewable energy solutions, environmental conservation, and mitigation strategies against climate change.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh partakes in an exchange with leading Dutch businesses

Welcoming the visiting Dutch business delegation, Prime Minister  Chinh said that the visit materialized agreements reached at the Netherlands visit by the Vietnamese Prime Minister in late 2022 and the Vietnam visit by the Prime Minister of the Netherlands in late 2023.

The Prime Minister said that, after 50 years of diplomatic relations (1973-2023), five years of comprehensive partnership (2019-2024) and 10 years of strategic partnership for sustainable agriculture and food security (2014-2024), the Vietnam - Netherlands relationship is assessed as a typical example of “dynamic and effective relationship” between Asia and Europe.

The Netherlands has become Vietnam’s largest investor, second largest trading partner and export market in Europe. The Netherlands has implemented numerous practical programs to support Vietnam in economic and social development, poverty reduction, education and training improvement, healthcare, climate change mitigation and the COVID-19 pandemic control.

Madam Ingrid Thijssen, President of the Confederation of Netherlands’ Industry and Employers, and leaders of Dutch businesses expressed their admiration for Vietnam's outstanding development, saying that Vietnam is a priority for the Netherlands in general and its businesses in particular in the region and hoping to accompany Vietnam on its development path.

Leaders of Dutch firms urged the Government to direct ministries and branches to continue to consider and introduce better policies on taxes, visas and administrative procedures. Particularly, they hoped to have connecting agencies to receive support, technology transfer and cooperation promotion in shipbuilding, seaport, semiconductor, renewable energy, environmental protection, climate change and other fields and supply materials for the construction of one million social housing units.

In addition, Dutch companies suggested that the Vietnamese government, especially in the agriculture and food sectors, improve product quality, fulfill commitments to green, clean, safe, and sustainable development, combat counterfeit goods, and desire direct procurement from farmers to increase opportunities for Vietnamese agricultural products in the Netherlands.

Prime Minister Chinh acknowledged and addressed the issues raised by the Dutch business delegation, appreciating business activities of Dutch companies in Vietnam, which have made significant contributions to Vietnam's economic development and Vietnam - Netherlands relations. He affirmed Vietnam's openness, sincerity and willingness to listen to the thoughts, views and opinions of the foreign business community, including Dutch firms.

Regarding Vietnam's situation and development priorities, he believed that there are still many potential strengths that can be complemented and mutually supported. Therefore, he called on Dutch firms and large corporations to effectively utilize the opportunities of the Vietnam - EU Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA), enhance market access and strive to achieve a bilateral trade turnover of US$15 billion in the near future.

Prime Minister Chinh encouraged Dutch firms to maintain and expand cooperation, strengthen business connectivity, build specific and feasible projects with added value and high competitiveness, capable of participating in global value chains, and link up with Vietnamese enterprises in fields where the Netherlands excels and Vietnam needs such as high-tech agriculture, new energy, renewable energy, semiconductor, climate change adaptation, shipbuilding services, seaport, shipbuilding technology and logistics.

Furthermore, he urged Dutch businesses to create conditions for Vietnamese companies to participate more deeply in their production value chains, strengthen cooperation between business associations and industry associations between the two countries, and intensify mutual understanding and connection among businesses, thereby promoting cooperation and investment.

Prime Minister Chinh asked ministries and sectors to actively propose improvements to the investment and business environment; perfect institutions, mechanisms, and policies to encourage businesses to adopt sustainable business models, develop emerging industries and digital economy sectors, build a green and circular economy, and promote cooperation in training high-quality human resources to jointly implement efficient and successful business activities, bringing tangible benefits to both countries.

In the spirit of “understanding, sharing, working together, sharing benefits, sharing difficulties, harmonizing interests, and sharing risks", Prime Minister Chinh affirmed that the Vietnamese government always accompanies, listens to, and assists in solving emerging difficulties and obstacles and creates favorable conditions for the business community, including Dutch firms, to make successful, sustainable and long-term investment in Vietnam.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum