Lao Delegation Keen to Acquire VCCI’s Expertise

9:10:34 AM | 4/1/2024

A delegation comprising 16 members from the Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LNCCI), the Lao Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Savannakhet province, Champasak province, and the Laos Business Environment Agency (LBE) embarked on a working visit to the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI). The delegation was led by Mr. Phouxay Thepphavong, Secretary General of LNCCI.

VCCI Deputy General Secretary Dau Anh Tuan at the working session with the delegation from Laos

During their visit, the Lao representatives exhibited a keen interest in understanding the operations and roles of VCCI. They actively participated in the Vietnam Business Forum (VBF), a significant platform hosted by VCCI that facilitates dialogue and policy proposals between businesses and government agencies.

The delegation expressed a particular interest in the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) conducted by VCCI, aiming to gain insights into the business environment across various provinces and cities in Vietnam. They also sought to understand VCCI’s approach to membership development, membership criteria, and the recognition of outstanding businesses.

Furthermore, the delegation showed enthusiasm for the services and activities that VCCI offers to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). They were interested in the roles and responsibilities assigned to VCCI by the Government in terms of economic development and business development. The delegation was also interested in VCCI’s involvement in the establishment of new industrial parks and market research.

At the meeting, VCCI Deputy General Secretary Dau Anh Tuan provided an in-depth overview of VCCI’s activities, international trade promotion programs, business support services, and international cooperation projects. He addressed the queries from the Lao delegation, demonstrating a cooperative spirit and readiness to share experiences.

The Lao delegation expressed their appreciation for the warm reception and valuable information provided by VCCI Deputy Secretary General Dau Anh Tuan. LNCCI’s Secretary General Phouxay Thepphavong was impressed by VCCI’s accomplishments and expressed his intention to apply these learnings to enhance LNCCI’s performance and support Lao businesses.

The successful visit to VCCI has fortified the cooperative ties between VCCI and LNCCI, laying a robust foundation for future information exchange, experience sharing, and collaboration. This visit is expected to facilitate the effective development and cooperation of businesses in both countries.

By Thu Huyen, Vietnam Business Forum