Building New Aural areas in Hanoi: Modern Agriculture, Civilized Countryside

10:28:24 AM | 3/27/2024

Hanoi's rural area is experiencing comprehensive changes in people's material and spiritual lives. That result is thanks to the city's use of all resources to promote the new rural construction program.

Regarding the capital's rural areas, the easily recognizable image is that of convenient roads; Public works such as schools, medical stations, cultural houses, local government offices, street light systems... are all invested spaciously and modernly.

In particular, cultural, physical education and sports activity centers have been established to meet standards throughout the countryside, bringing new vitality to the lives of people in rural areas. Parks combined with ecological lakes, outdoor exercise areas, swimming pools, soccer fields, etc., which previously seemed to only be accessible to urban residents, have now appeared in many villages and hamlets. suburban residential area.

It must be affirmed that there is no end to building new rural areas in the Capital. Over the past many years, after completing the construction of new rural areas, localities (district and commune levels) have continued to focus resources on building advanced new rural areas and model new rural areas in a synchronous and comprehensive manner. and determined to maintain sustainable efficiency.

Accordingly, 2 districts, Dan Phuong and Thanh Tri, have had 100% of communes complete the construction of model new rural areas. Not to mention, the remaining districts and towns of the city all have communes recognized as advanced and model new rural areas and during this time, the Hanoi New Rural Appraisal Team is actively Work in localities to evaluate and request recognition of the next communes according to regulations.

Not stopping there, from building new rural areas, to advanced new rural areas, to model new rural areas, many localities in Hanoi are moving forward to build smart rural areas. Although there are no specific criteria, building smart rural areas is roughly understood as people and local governments applying modern, smart, and automated technologies to production and daily life.

In production, many places people have applied smart irrigation technology; Applying automation technology to analyze, track, monitor, retrieve, process data... helps reduce costs and ensure product quality; promote trade of goods in the e-commerce environment... In daily life, many villages and hamlets have installed security camera systems; Social network applications in management and administration...

Obviously, any title or result achieved in numbers cannot reflect all the substantive changes in the material and spiritual lives of people in rural areas of the Capital. In other words, localities need to understand the concept that people's satisfaction is the measure for the titles "enhanced new rural area", "model new rural area", "smart new rural area".

On a large scale, in the process of building new rural areas, practical experience shows that local authorities at all levels need to continue to promote the subjective role of the people with the motto: "People know, people discuss." , people do, people check, people supervise, people enjoy". When enjoying legitimate and practical benefits, people will be more motivated to contribute and contribute more to the development of each countryside.

The achievements in building new rural areas in Hanoi are a process of striving for decades and we believe that in the coming years, those proud achievements will continue to accompany the people in the capital's rural areas.

By Minh Ngoc, Vietnam Business Forum