Nestlé MILO Engaged at Vietnam Dairy 2024 International Exhibition

4:16:26 PM | 6/5/2024

Vietnam Dairy 2024, the 4th International Dairy and Dairy Products Exhibition, organized on May 30th by the Vietnam Dairy Association (VDA) in collaboration with VIETFAIR, commenced at the Phu Tho Indoor Sports Stadium in District 11, Ho Chi Minh City.

Nestlé MILO brought an engaging playground for parents and young attendees at the exhibition.

The exhibition gathered 200 booths showcasing brands and products from organizations and businesses across numerous countries and territories including Australia, Denmark, Taiwan, New Zealand, Japan, the United States, South Korea, Switzerland, France, and Vietnam. Nestlé MILO reaffirmed its commitment to bolstering the resilience of Vietnamese youth by serving as a proud sponsor of the event. Nestlé MILO set up an interactive playground at the exhibition, designed to raise awareness among parents and children about the crucial role of physical and mental resilience.

Ms. Le Bui Thi Mai Uyen, Director of MILO and Dairy Products at Nestlé Vietnam, emphasized, "Nutrition is fundamental to health, happiness, and cultural identity. Milk and dairy products are essential for providing daily nutrition across all ages. Our participation in this year's international dairy exhibition underscores Nestlé MILO's dedication to leveraging our global food research and development capabilities. We aim to deliver nutritious products and promote the combination of balanced nutrition and daily physical activity, contributing to the development of a resilient and dynamic generation in Vietnam."

As part of the exhibition, Nestlé Vietnam actively participated in a conference themed "Advancing Circular Economy in Production and Consumption." As the first brand in Vietnam to transition entirely from single-use plastic straws to FSC-certified paper straws, Nestlé MILO contributes annually to reducing approximately 700 tons of plastic waste entering the environment. Additionally, Nestlé MILO collaborates with partners on various initiatives to collect and recycle milk cartons, enhance environmental education among students, and promote sustainable practices.

Vietnam Dairy 2024 serves as a pivotal biennial event in Vietnam, driving trade promotion and enhancing competitiveness in the Vietnamese dairy industry towards sustainable development. The exhibition also provides consumers with opportunities to deepen their understanding of using milk and dairy products for beneficial health outcomes, scientific health care, and concrete actions to safeguard the environment.

For years, Nestlé MILO has remained committed to partnering with stakeholders to innovate and provide nutritious products for children. This effort aligns with various sports activities under the Active Vietnam program, while also increasing parental awareness of the importance of resilience in comprehensive child development.

According to recent clinical research findings published by the National Institute of Nutrition in January 2024, daily consumption of Nestlé MILO malted milk combined with regular physical activity contributes to enhancing the endurance of Vietnamese children.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum