Further Expanding IZs, Luring More Investors

4:09:59 PM | 6/6/2024

As a regulator of industrial zones (IZs), the Son La Industrial Zones Authority has kept ongoing efforts to fulfill all its assigned functions and tasks to make IZs truly attractive destinations for domestic and foreign investors. Mr. Bui Van Man, Director of the authority, gives an exclusive interview on these efforts to our reporter.

Mr. Bui Van Man, Director of Son La Industrial Zones Authority, awards the Approval Decision for the investment policy to the VFI Production Trading Investment Joint Stock Company

Son La Provincial Planning for the 2021 - 2030 period, with a vision to 2050, clearly underlines the industrial zone development plan, including Mai Son Industrial Park. What solutions and advice will the Son La Industrial Zones Authority give to the Provincial People's Committee in upgrading infrastructure systems in industrial zones?

According to Son La Provincial Planning for the 2021 - 2030 period, with a vision to 2050, approved by the Prime Minister in Decision 1676/QD-TTg dated December 25, 2023, Son La province will have five industrial zones (IZs), covering a total of 1,000 ha. In 2021 - 2030, the province will develop 150-ha Mai Son Industrial Park. After 2030, it will be enlarged to 312 ha).

The Mai Son Industrial Park investment project was ratified by the Provincial People's Committee in Decision 2732/QD-UBND dated November 8, 2006, two phases of investment, with the first phase from 2008 to 2010 and the second phase to 2015. However, due to complications, the first phase of infrastructure development investment has not been completed and the second phase investment has thus not been approved.

To complete the infrastructure investment of Mai Son Industrial Park, the authority will focus on implementing the following solutions:

The authority will continue to coordinate with the Mai Son District People's Committee to remove obstacles in site clearance and complete investment for the first phase in the first quarter of 2024; prepare and complete the pre-feasibility study report on the second-phase infrastructure investment project and submit it to competent authorities for appraisal and approval in 2025 to be eligible for adding the project in the medium-term public investment plan in the 2026 - 2031 period.

The agency will advise on infrastructure investment planning in Mai Son Industrial Park for the expansion phase to meet legal regulations on management of industrial zones and economic zones (expected after 2030).

In addition, as for Van Ho Industrial Park whose zoning plan was approved by the Provincial People's Committee in Decision 1292/QD-UBND dated May 29, 2022, what specific solutions has the Son La Industrial Zones Authority taken to complete and bring it operation soon?

Van Ho Industrial Park in Son La province was approved by the Prime Minister to be added to the Vietnam Industrial Zones Development Plan in Document 3/TTg-CN dated January 4, 2021. The Son La Provincial Peoplés Committee gave nod to the construction zoning plan of Van Ho Industrial Park in Van Ho district in Decision 1292/QD-UBND dated July 29, 2022 and launched Action Plan 201/KH-UBND dated August 2, 2022 to lay the foundation for attracting infrastructure developers.

The Son La Industrial Zones Authority advised the Provincial People's Committee to include the Van Ho Industrial Park infrastructure construction and operation investment project into the province's investment attraction list (approved by the Provincial People's Committee in Decision 2476/QD-UBND dated November 22, 2023 on ratification of adjustments and supplements to the list of projects seeking for investment capital in the 2021 - 2025 period ). It provided information for and coordinated with industrial zone authorities of other provinces and cities to invite investors to build and operate the infrastructure system in Van Ho Industrial Park. Some investors expressed their interest in surveying and studying investment, including Vietnam Infrastructure and Real Estate Joint Stock Company and Trung Quy - Bac Ninh Investment Joint Stock Company.

All industrial zones are entitled to treatment assigned to localities with extremely difficult socioeconomic conditions. Therefore, investment projects in industrial zones are offered the highest regulatory investment incentives. Specifically, they are supported to have connection infrastructure to their project locations; entitled to incentives on land rent, tax, corporate income tax and import tax; offered preferential investment credit and labor training support; assisted in settling procedures quickly to reduce the time as compared to the regulatory time framework and diminish travel costs for businesses and investors. Currently, the Son La Industrial Zones Authority has strengthened coordination with Van Ho District People's Committee and other relevant agencies to entice and invite capable, experienced and financially strong investors to build and operate industrial zone infrastructure in Van Ho Industrial Park.

In addition, the authority has concentrated on reforming administrative procedures, promoting digital transformation, untapping potential advantages, improving the business investment environment, and building up the confidence of the business community. Coming to Son La province, investors will find a land that is transforming in harmony with development and integrating with the world, and a friendly destination with safe and favorable investment opportunities.

Does the Son La Industrial Zones Authority have any suggestions to the Provincial People's Committee for coordinating industrial zone administration, reducing the time of resolving administrative procedures and applying flexible mechanisms and policies to invite investors?

Currently, the authority is drafting a regulation on coordination of state management for industrial zones in the province (The draft shall stipulate coordination of relevant agencies in industrial zone administration in the province) to ensure no overlapped functions and tasks among them but avoid troubling businesses, to create a favorable investment environment, boost effective and sustainable industrial zone development.

In addition, the authority has robustly reformed administrative procedures and achieved results as desired by businesses, organizations and individuals.

All administrative procedures under its jurisdiction are publicized and posted at the Public Reception Division (all 30 administrative procedures under its jurisdiction have been publicly listed at its working offices and on the website. All administrative procedures are standardized according to ISO standards and processes.  Its website provides all information, publicizes administrative procedures and public services under its jurisdiction; at the same time receives and processes feedback and recommendations on administrative procedures from individuals and organizations. The reception and settlement of administrative procedures is carried out in line with the given procedures and regulations.

The quality of public services has been increasingly improved thanks to rapid, streamlined, simple and applicable approaches, targeting at reducing procedures, reducing time and reducing costs while enhancing the professional attitude, dedicated service and high responsibility of civil servants in performing public duties. This has boosted business and public satisfaction.

The authority has periodically reviewed and proposed reducing and simplifying administrative procedures under its jurisdiction; advised the Provincial People's Committee to issue a decision on the list of electronic internal processes of administrative procedures under its power to reduce the working time by 20% as compared to regulations.  

The authority will continue to coordinate closely with related agencies to review and reduce the time of resolving administrative procedures; enhance the effective application of the single-window mechanism, coupled with administrative reform, to meet investors’ requirements quickly, concisely and accurately. The authority will strictly adhere to regulations and raise its responsibility, powers, functions and tasks; improve the capacity and professionalism of its employees; and actively organize meetings and dialogues with investors to provide prompt solutions and support for investors in the course of project implementation and operation. 

The agency will effectively coordinate with relevant units and governments at all levels in industrial zone administration; continuously improve the investment and business environment; and help raise the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI), the Public Administration Reform Index (PAR Index) and the Vietnam Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI).

Thank you so much!

By Minh Tu, Vietnam Business Forum