Role of Overseas Vietnamese Community Increasingly Enhanced

3:14:53 PM | 6/10/2024

The Dien Hong Conference 2024, in conjunction with the Overseas Vietnamese Intellectuals and Experts Forum, represents more than a mere assembly. It serves as a significant platform enabling the overseas Vietnamese community to make substantial contributions to national development, strengthens their sense of trust and deepens their connection to their homeland.

Outstanding achievements after 20 years of Resolution 36-NQ/TW

According to Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Le Thi Thu Hang, after 20 years of executing Resolution 36-NQ/TW of the Politburo on overseas Vietnamese affairs, the overseas Vietnamese community has made many remarkable achievements. The overseas Vietnamese community not only expands by scale but also enhances influence and contributes to national development and integration. The role of overseas Vietnamese people has been increasingly enhanced and closely linked to the homeland. Overseas Vietnamese has become an important force for the country's prosperity.

Resolution 36 has played a significant role in raising awareness and responsibility in overseas Vietnamese affairs on both sides. Across the country, overseas Vietnamese affairs have become a strategic task of the political system from the central to local levels. Agencies and localities established specialized units and worked out plans and programs to foster this work. Overseas Vietnamese have actively responded and participated in policies of Resolution 36, not only as beneficiaries but also as active participants.

Overseas Vietnamese policy advisory, recommendation and construction have been comprehensively implemented and adjusted to suit new situations. Documents to this effect such as Directive 45-CT/TW and Conclusion 12-KL/TW were released, aimed to improve conditions for overseas Vietnamese to return the fatherland to work, invest and do business.

The initiative to unite and engage the overseas Vietnamese community with their homeland has seen significant progress. This endeavor has garnered a broad and dynamic participation from the overseas Vietnamese populace in national pursuits. The provision of care and support for the overseas Vietnamese community has been amplified to fortify their legal standing and ensure stability in their current places of residence.

Furthermore, fostering resources of overseas Vietnamese for national development has also been promoted, with many successful seminars, conferences and business forums. Support mechanisms for overseas Vietnamese people to conduct investment, business and scientific cooperation in Vietnam have also been introduced.

In addition, preserving Vietnamese language and national culture has also been enhanced, with supporting activities for Vietnamese language education and cultural events to maintain cultural identity in the overseas Vietnamese community.

Foreign information regarding overseas Vietnamese has also been reformed and developed extensively, helping them grasp information about the country and national policies quickly and effectively.

Special conference and forum for overseas Vietnamese

Following the success of the three previous editions (2009, 2012 and 2016), from August 21-24, 2024, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will coordinate with relevant agencies and localities to host the 4th Worldwide Overseas Vietnamese Conference and the Overseas Vietnamese Intellectuals and Experts Forum in Hanoi.

The Dien Hong Conference 2024 and the Overseas Vietnamese Intellectuals and Experts Forum are considered an important occasion to review 20 years of Resolution 36 and provide specific proposals and solutions to boost the development of the overseas Vietnamese community. The event is expected to attract more than 600 overseas and domestic attendants in both physical location and livestreaming formats.

As Vietnam's diplomatic activities are changing and developing strongly, strengthening connections and support for overseas Vietnamese is extremely important. The Prime Minister will attend and deliver a speech at the opening session, demonstrating the State's care and commitment to the development of the overseas Vietnamese community.

In addition, special attention is paid to preserving and promoting national cultural identity and foreign information for overseas Vietnamese. Programs, content and forms of information are increasingly reformed and diversified in order to provide overseas Vietnamese people with accurate, updated and appropriate information.

Giang Tu (Vietnam Business Forum)