Viet Nam Leads Southeast Asia in Attracting Long-term Investors

10:04:52 AM | 6/19/2024

Many investment opportunities are opening up for foreign investors in Viet Nam, especially in the digital economy and technology.

Last week, many international newspapers and organizations commented that Viet Nam is a potential long-term investment destination.

A recent survey by Bain & Company found that Viet Nam leads Southeast Asia in attracting long-term investors. News website cited this survey as saying that investors believe investment activities in Viet Nam will increase by 83 percent in the period 2025 - 2030.

According to the latest forecast published this week by UOB Bank, Viet Nam's second-quarter GDP will grow by 6 percent because economic activities are on track.

The report commented that positive FDI inflows show that investors continue to believe in the political environment and the competitiveness of the Vietnamese economy.

Specifically, foreign investment flows since the beginning of the year have increased 7.8 percent over the same period to US$8.3 billion in May, the fastest increase in 5 months since 2018.

Vice President of the European Chamber of Commerce in Viet Nam (EuroCham), Torben Minko, said FDI and business growth are likely to increase in Viet Nam. This will help Viet Nam strengthen its position in the Asian market.

In the report "Viet Nam at a glance", HSBC stated that Viet Nam is the fastest growing digital economy in ASEAN in 2023 and has the potential to become the second largest digital economy in 2030.

With great interest in Viet Nam's rising digital economy and a population of more than 100 million people with a working-age rate of nearly 70 percent, Viet Nam is showing strong potential for digital technology consumption in this country.

General Director of Standard Chartered Bank Viet Nam, Michele Wee, said that Viet Nam is becoming an important destination for the technology sector. Gradually Viet Nam will no longer be just a low-cost producer but will begin to develop more capabilities to create high-quality products.

Malaysian website The Star said that the wave of innovative startups in Viet Nam is developing at a "breakneck" speed, attracting the attention of many domestic and foreign investors.

The article states that Viet Nam is currently the third pole in the golden triangle of startups in Southeast Asia, along with Singapore and Indonesia. Viet Nam has the perfect combination of top tech talent and an existing culture of innovation and is very attractive to global investors.

Source: VGP