UK Businesses Eye Investment, Education, and Sustainability in Vietnam

1:12:43 PM | 6/27/2024

Recently, Mr. Nguyen Quang Vinh, Vice President of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), engaged in a working session with Mr. Dezel Eades, Vice President of the British Chamber of Commerce (Britcham). The focus of their meeting was to promote collaboration between British and Vietnamese enterprises, emphasizing sustainable growth and corporate responsibility.

VCCI Vice President Nguyen Quang Vinh (R) at the working session with Mr. Dezel Eades, Vice President of Britcham

In attendance were Britcham member companies from both nations, spanning diverse sectors such as education, consultancy, renewable energy and finance.

Both sides highlighted the prospect for collaboration between British and Vietnamese entities. The dialogue addressed the issues of decarbonization and transforming supply chains toward sustainability, urging joint efforts among businesses for sustainable development.

Mr. Dezel Eades mentioned the active presence of British enterprises in Vietnam, including Diageo, Dragon Capital, HSBC and Standard Chartered Prudential. He also suggested prioritizing collaboration with VCCI to promote business opportunities in Vietnam, aiming to enhance collaboration on sustainability initiatives, as well as collaboration on trade agreements and education, financing for energy and collaboration in ESG green financing.

Mr. Vinh agreed on the importance of sharing resources and meeting informally to advance collaboration. He commented that, through cooperation, Vietnamese businesses and Britcham member businesses can exchange and implement sustainable business practices, thereby creating new values, contributing to the sustainable development of the economy.

Mr. Vinh also mentioned the working group on trade and investment, emphasizing the need for innovative ways to promote trade and investment between VCCI and member organizations of World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).

With VCCI's extensive network comprising over 200,000 member businesses nationwide, as well as close relationships with business associations from other countries, VCCI will support Britcham member businesses to continue to seek future investment and cooperation opportunities in Vietnam, Mr. Vinh added

Based on the close cooperation between the two sides, Mr. Vinh affirmed that VCCI is willing to cooperate with Britcham to promote connection between the business communities of the two sides. He hoped that the two sides can consider signing a cooperation agreement to increase the exchange of partner information and investment opportunities to disseminate to businesses.

By Bui Lien, Vietnam Business Forum