HCM City Customs Department and Business Community: Collaborative Effort in Driving Innovation and Digital Transformation

3:19:34 PM | 7/8/2024

The Ho Chi Minh City Customs Department recently hosted the Customs-Business Dialogue Conference 2024, attended by Chinese Consul General Wei Huaxiang, Canadian Consul General Annie Dube, Dutch General Consul Daniel Stork, and Korean Deputy Consul General Jung Ga Yeong. Also in attendance were representatives from many city departments, consular agencies, domestic and international business associations, as well as over 200 prominent exporters and importers who significantly contribute to the city's tax revenue.

Delegates pose for a group photo at the Customs-Business Dialogue Conference 2024

Speaking at the conference, Mr. Nguyen Hoang Tuan, Director of the HCM City Customs Department, affirmed that 2024 is the 9th consecutive year that the HCM City Customs Department has adopted a plan to develop customs-business partnerships. Under the 2024 motto "The HCM City Customs Department and the business community: Reliable, Innovative Partners Driving Digital Transformation," the department has actively engaged in programs, dialogues, training sessions and dissemination of new customs regulations to promptly address challenges encountered during customs procedures. This collaborative effort aims to enhance regulatory compliance among individuals and businesses while improving the efficiency of customs management. This partnership serves as a significant catalyst for the HCM City Customs Department in achieving its political objectives to the highest standards. Today's conference signifies ongoing cooperation, collective endeavor and steadfast companionship between the HCM City Customs and the business community.

Madam Annie Dube, Canadian Consul General in HCM City, said: “The enforcement of the CPTPP Agreement has significantly boosted Vietnam-Canada bilateral trade from CA$6.5 billion in 2018 to CA$14.0 billion in 2023. And this milestone would not be possible without the support and coordination of the HCM City Customs Department in import and export activities.” Indeed, the "Dialogue with Ho Chi Minh City Customs" represents a pivotal component of the trade facilitation initiative between HCM City Customs and Canadian businesses, as well as the broader business community of Ho Chi Minh City. This platform serves as a crucial bridge, fostering closer collaboration and removing invisible barriers across various commercial sectors.

Sharing the same viewpoint, Madam Jung Ga Yeon, Deputy Consul General of South Korea, said: “Institutional improvement includes amending regulations on on-site import and export forms and trace of origin and constantly perfecting the classification of goods and the development of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) programs with strong support from the HCM City Customs Department in particular and the HCM City People's Committee in general.” With more than 4,000 South Korean businesses in the southern region, including HCM City, promoting sustainable cooperation and mutual respect between the two countries will become the foundation for creating a leap in Vietnam's economic growth and attracting many FDI enterprises to Vietnam.

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Tuan, Director of the HCM City Customs Department, addresses the event

On the business side, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Thang, Vice President of the European Chamber of Commerce in Ho Chi Minh City (EuroCham) emphasized the strong trade relationship between the EU and Vietnam, which is now increasingly reinforced by the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA). This agreement has opened up many new opportunities for both sides and effective customs procedures have played an important role in maximizing these opportunities. Continuous cooperation and dialogue will be key to addressing any challenges and ensuring that EVFTA benefits are fully realized. Taking this opportunity, he also expressed EuroCham's utmost respect for the HCM City Customs Department for having active and effective approaches to business cooperation. The department's initiative in organizing today's event is highly commendable as it fosters mutual understanding and collaboration toward shared solutions. Concurrently, EuroCham remains dedicated to promoting initiatives that advance trade facilitation and economic integration.

Mr. Ton That Hung, Deputy General Director of HCM City-based Transimex Joint Stock Company, expressed his gratitude for the enthusiastic support and effort of HCM City Customs for the business community through administrative reform and modernization programs and plans to facilitate businesses in customs clearance of goods, not only reducing time and costs but also improving foreign trade. Speaking at the conference, Mr. Kenneth Tse, Vice President of Intel Corporation, Factory Manager of Intel Products Vietnam, also expressed his desire to continue the cooperation with HCM City Customs to pilot more innovative trade and customs digitalization projects to bring necessary business convenience to companies, boost the development of the high-tech/semiconductor industry in Vietnam under the direction of the Prime Minister.

At the conference, HCM City Customs addressed numerous inquiries regarding tax and customs policy implementation in goods declaration and clearance. Concurrently, the department proactively highlighted challenges in managing and utilizing tax-exempt raw materials and supplies. Customs experts provided comprehensive guidance to attending businesses, pledging ongoing support as a bridge for businesses to communicate their concerns to departmental leaders. This ensures recommendations and suggestions are made to higher authorities for policy enhancement and resolution, further reinforcing and refining regulatory frameworks.

Mr. Phan Minh Le, Deputy Director of the HCM City Customs Department, expected the city's business community to maintain their trust, collaboration, and steadfast partnership with the department. Together, they aim to achieve sustainable development and seamless integration into the global economy.

By Van Luong , Vietnam Business Forum