Dien Bien Construction JSC Dynamic to Grasp New Opportunities

4:55:49 PM | 10/5/2011

Dien Bien Construction Joint Stock Company, which was transformed from a State-owned concern in October 2005, specialises in building civil, industrial, traffic and irrigation works, supervising construction, manufacturing and trading construction materials, providing commercial services, and transporting goods.
Since it went public, the company has managed to maintain rising annual growth, with return on equity (ROE) exceeding 30 percent and return on sales (ROS) reaching 18 - 20 percent. Employee incomes are guaranteed. Mr Nguyen Quoc Viet, Director of Dien Bien Construction Joint Stock Company, said: “In the past years, the company has paid special attention to replacing construction machines and equipment, although its capital resources are limited and bank loans bear high interest rates. With its current equipment, the company is capable of constructing high-rise buildings, speeding up construction progress, and enhancing its competitiveness and reputation on the market.”
Seeing human resources as a decisive factor for the company’s success in the integration period, the company regularly organises professional training courses for its staff, and provides transportation services, accommodation and additional meal budgets for its workers. Hence, it attracts many officials and workers with high working skill to fulfil the requirements of its investors and customers.
To respond to market fluctuations and growing competition from competitors, the company actively applies market expansion solutions, updates information about consumer tastes, and launches marketing programmes. It also supervises input materials, assigns staff to positions matching their skills, and creates the best conditions for employees to build their talent and creativity. It strictly applies labour safety, sanitation, environment regulations in its workplace and raises its employee’s awareness of sustainable development.
Vũ Phong