Dien Bien Transport Consulting & Construction JSC: Right Policy Decision Leading to Success

4:50:55 PM | 10/5/2011

Operating in a mountainous province, like many other enterprises, Dien Bien Transport Consulting & Construction Joint Stock Company faces many obstacles. Especially in the context of economic recession, there are various projects being cut under policies of saving and avoiding unfocused investment by the provincial People’s Committee. Besides, there is competition from small consulting enterprises in the province and fluctuation in market prices. However, with a staff of the most experienced professionals in the province in field of consulting and design, the Board of Directors has made the timely policy decision to help the company operate more efficiently.
Begun as Lai Chau construction consulting and transport surveying design (currently in Dien Bien province), in 2006 the company changed to a joint stock model under the name Dien Bien Transport Consulting & Construction Joint Stock Company. It worked in consulting, surveying and designing transportation works and other technical infrastructure both inside and outside the province.
For the past year, the company has attempted to expand its working area to bring out development opportunities. To gain strong and sustainable development, the company has focused on improving human resource qualification. Annually, a training plan is applied to improve staff professionalism. Thus, the company has a workforce with young qualified engineers graduating from specialised universities and experienced experts to meet the construction consulting needs of all projects.
In addition to training qualified human resources, the company also continuously innovates, upgrades equipment, and applies new technology and technical advances into production to increase productivity, quality and competitiveness in the market. It invests in new or upgraded computer hardware for surveying and design; invests in highly accurate topographical measuring tools; and invests in experimental tools using new materials and raising quality to meet current requirements.
Thanks to such efforts, the company’s projects have been highly regarded by investors. Prime examples are some key works such as: Roads Muong Nhe – Chung Chai – A pa chai; Muong Nhe - Pac ma (Muong Nhe district); Highway 4D running through Phong Tho, Tam Duong (Lai Chau) districts, and Highway 12.
Inflation, escalating price and many projects without allocated capital have caused many difficulties for the company’s operation. Nonetheless, with solidarity and agreement in the Party cell and Management Board, the company’s leaders and staff have mobilised financial resource from individuals in the company, actively investing to conduct signed contracts as scheduled.
Engineer Le Quy Truong, the company’s Director, said that activities of consulting for transportation work construction now depend much on capital, implementation and completion duration. Located in Dien Bien, a mountainous province with complicated terrain and difficult transport, transportation construction projects are heavily involved in national defence and security, and regional political, economic and social issues. Therefore, to attract investment in this field, the province should comprehensively complete long term regional and local planning. In addition, it is necessary to reform administrative management procedures, create an open investment environment, and issue preferential policies for enterprises participating in investment and construction.
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