For the Green of the Forest

4:04:06 PM | 9/28/2011

According to 2010 data, forest coverage in Quang Binh province was 67 percent, ranking second in the country. This outcome was attributed to the great contributions of Bac Quang Binh Industrial Forestry Company, now managing more than 48,000 ha of forests in the province.
State-owned Bac Quang Binh Industrial Forestry Company was established under Decision 26/2002/QD-UB dated March 25, 2002 of Quang Binh Provincial People’s Committee. The firm was assigned to manage and organise production on 48,600 ha of forests and forestland, of which natural forest accounts for 33,800 ha, planted forest is 5,400 ha, and greening bare land is 9,400 ha.
Currently, the company is exploiting woods, rattan, resins, essential oils and other forest products. To increase operating efficiency and product value, the company proactively processes timbers, special forest products and agricultural products for consumers. Its high-valued products like wood, rattan, resin oils, medicinal materials and agricultural products have been exported to many countries. In addition, Bac Quang Binh is also engaged in civil traffic construction at the service of its operations and local people.
Mr Nguyen Xuan Cuoi, Director of Bac Quang Binh Industrial Forestry Company, said: The company will intensify protection of forest resources to boost sustainable development. It will focus on planting trees on poor forest land, including 9,000 ha for a paper material zone and 1,000 ha for rubber trees. To increase the value per unit, the company not only simply processes timbers, but focuses on deep processing for export. To expand its operating scale, the firm is calling for investment capital from other investors to develop paper material zones, process rosin resin, and process wood for export.
Ngo San