Long Dai Industrial Forestry Co., Ltd: Towards Sustainable Development

4:00:06 PM | 9/28/2011

Long Dai Industrial Forestry One Member Limited Liability Company, formerly called Long Dai Industrial Forestry Union, has eight affiliated units and manages more than 100,531 ha of forests. The company has gradually asserted its leading position in the forestry industry in Quang Binh province. With safe and sound strategies, strengthened unity and endless devotion of employees, the company is following the path of sustainable development.
The company encountered grave difficulties in 2010 when it was abnormally hot in the first six months, then twin floods occurred in October. But, thanks to the great efforts of its leaders, Long Dai Industrial Forestry Co., Ltd has step by step resolved difficulties arising from such misfortunes. With rightly oriented strategies, the firm continued to develop a leading position on the market. In July 2010, the company transformed into a one-member limited liability company to boost its autonomy, governance and business operations.
Long Dai always proactively assigns its forces to prevent illegal logging. It has around-the-clock patrols in highly vulnerable forest areas to circumvent the penetration of illegal lumberjacks. It pays special attention to advising the public against illegal forest encroachment and takes timely action to prevent forest shrinkage. Long Dai has set up a steering committee to deal with urgent matters in forest management, forest protection and fire prevention. The firm has allotted responsibility for managing and protecting forest plots to households and employees. In 2010, Long Dai increased the acreage of rubber trees to supply the market.
Mr Phan Dinh Linh, Director of Long Dai, said: “Despite all the difficulties, particularly in 2010, the entire company spared no effort to stand firm on the market. Living standards of the employees were guaranteed. All business targets were reached or exceeded.”
In 2010, the State assigned the company to produce 7,000 cubic metres of natural timber. Transportation and Construction Material Production Branch exploited 776 cubic metres, exceeding the assignment of 700 cubic metres (over 10 percent), Truong Son and Khe Giua forest protection branches exploited 630 cubic metres out of 600 cubic metres assigned (5 percent in excess). The volume of logs collected from the site clearance for construction of Thac Chuoi Lake was 8,025.31 cubic metres, beating the plan of 7,453.8 cubic metres (7 percent). In 2010, its total revenues reached VND246.09 billion, equal to 109 percent of the yearly plan and up 37 percent over 2009; its tax payments to the State Budget were VND12.7 billion, 1 percent over the full-year plan; and monthly income of an employee averaged VND3.48 million. The company planted 290 ha of new rubber trees, fulfilling 92 percent of its plan and bringing the total area of rubber trees to 916 ha. In recognition of its achievements, the State has presented the Typical Enterprise Gold Cup and the First Grade Labour Order to the company. This is a great motivation for the company to sustain strong growth in the integration process.
Tran Mien