Bandai Vietnam Co., Ltd: Providing Safe, Reliable Products for Customers

9:37:54 PM | 9/27/2011

Visiting Bandai Vietnam Co., Ltd in early September, I saw hundreds of workers in well-dressed safety working clothes assembling electronic components. Expeditious working atmosphere is clear-cut evidence for the sustained business operations of the company.
Bandai Vietnam Co., Ltd, established in 1999, specialises in assembling electronic components, manufacturing pressed plastic and fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP). All the products are exported to Japan and China. After more than 10 years of operation in Hoa Binh province, the company has created a lot of jobs for local workers, especially women. In recent years, to overcome all difficulties and challenges accrued from the global economic crisis, the company has focused on training working skills, supporting workers, improving product quality, and maintaining stable production. ODA manager Sunao said: "As the company has stable export markets, it thus is not affected much by the economic crisis. Product quality is widely accepted by demanding Japanese customers. Orders are steadily on the rise. In 2010, Bandai Vietnam Co., Ltd. exported millions of electronics components to Japan and China. In my opinion, rapid recovery is also a condition for attracting investment.”
In addition to setting and fulfilling annual business targets, the company orders its employees to watch production quality. Manufacturing division, warehousing division, and administrative - human resource division are assigned specific tasks. The company is effectively applying the “5S” methodology: Sorting (Seiri), Straightening or setting in order (Seiton), Sweeping or shining (Seiso), Standardizing (Seiketsu), and Sustaining the discipline (Shitsuke). The company has made 5S a working habit of all employees. It particularly focuses on arranging the workplace scientifically, cleanly and clearly. It always bases on complete drawings and specification tables to reduce throw-outs as much as possible. The Quality Management Division is responsible for searching for solutions to improve production processes and regularly checking and maintaining machinery. It also upholds training of regular workers and multipurpose workers. Every month, the company hosts a meeting on quality in the first week of that month. The company’s products meet the ISO 9001:2000 international standards and win the trust of customers. In addition, it retains and applies the ISO 14001:2004 environmental management system effectively to form a clean factory in the future.
Since its incorporation, the company has defined its ultimate goals: Providing safe and reliable products for customers. Besides, it understands that the development of the company is the very satisfaction of rising demand of customers. Therefore, it must perfect itself to produce better products and ensure punctual delivery for partners.
As an early foreign investor in Hoa Binh province, the company has contributed significantly to the State Budget and promoted socioeconomic development. Currently, Bandai Vietnam Co., Ltd is providing jobs for 350 workers in Hoa Binh province. Corporate responsibility to employees is carried out systematically, working environment is inspirational, and incomes of workers are relatively high and stable. In the future, the company’s development plans still focus on manufacturing essential household utensils. Bandai Vietnam is also seeking new customers to expand the market.
Apart from improving corporate management and enhancing operating capacity, the company also attaches much importance to social security and environmental protection in the province. Being professional in managing activities, active in overcoming difficulties and quick at stabilising operations, the company is now an exemplary business for local companies to follow.