Vinaconex Clean Water JSC: Sustainable Development in New Era

9:27:58 PM | 9/27/2011

Vinaconex Clean Water Joint Stock Company was previously named Vinaconex Clean Water One Member Limited Liability Company. In September 2009, the Board of Directors of Vietnam Construction and Import-Export Joint Stock Corporation (Vinaconex) decided to transform Vinaconex Clean Water One Member Limited Liability Company into Vinaconex Clean Water Joint Stock Company. After three years operating in the new business model, the company has become a business icon in Hoa Binh province. With its modern facilities, the firm is now supplying tap water for a third of households in the southwest of Hanoi and surrounding regions.
Marked growth
Inheriting and promoting Vinaconex Group’s achievements, Vinaconex Clean Water Joint Stock Company has constantly renovated and improved itself to boost its competitiveness to meet development requirements in the new era. Accordingly, the firm has focused on improving production capacity and modernising its facilities to meet the demand of people. Since its incorporation, it has defined its ultimate target of running a stable water supply system for the entire assigned region. The company is managing a water supply facility costing VND2,545 billion.
Vinaconex water plant, which is running on surface water in the Da River, is 14.6 km from Hoa Binh hydropower plant. The facility has four pumps with an individual daily capacity of 345,000 cubic metres. Three pumps are operational at one time, with one on stand-by. Dam Bia Lake pumping station has a daily capacity of 420,000 cubic metres. The company is using modern automated technologies and equipment to ensure the supply of safe water.
After three years of construction and development, Vinaconex Clean Water Joint Stock Company has gradually asserted its position as a “strong and healthy cell” of the Hanoi-based Vinaconex Group and served its role as a springboard for socioeconomic development of Hoa Binh province. With modern technological platform and strategic vision, the volume of water supplied by the company increases every year. In 2009 it supplied more than 23 million cubic metres but the amount exceeded 39 million cubic metres in 2010. Its rising revenues demonstrates its sound investment and business strategies. Its revenues were over VND52 billion in 2009, but the value dramatically soared to VND213 billion in 2010. In the first six months of 2011, its revenues exceeded VND100 billion.
Treasuring corporate culture
Apart from efforts to boost business performance, Vinaconex Clean Water Joint Stock Company also attaches great importance to building corporate culture and taking care of the spiritual and material lives of workers. Mr Nguyen Van Ton, General Director of Vinaconex Clean Water Joint Stock Company, said: Corporate culture is compared to an intangible property and a key to unlock success for any company on the market. In corporate culture construction, the human factor is fundamental and central element. Therefore, the firm always takes care of spiritual and material lives of all employees, who are ensured all rights and benefits provided by the law. The company now has 134 employees who are each paid VND3.6 million a month on average at present. Annually, it increases salaries for its employees and applies encouragement policies for well performing staff. The friendly and civil working environment has strengthened the passion and attachment of each employee to the company. Hence, interests of both the company and its employees are harmonised.
The company’s management is always of one mind in all development plans. Ahead of opportunities and challenges of global integration, the company continues growing in an environment of stiff competition, and playing a more important role in local socioeconomic development.
Tham Nguyen