Petrolimex Hoa Binh: Stepping up Scientific - Technological Investment

9:26:41 PM | 9/27/2011

Operating in the poor mountainous province of Hoa Binh where industry is underdeveloped and people's living standards remain low, competition on the petroleum market is very fierce. These factors have constituted daunting challenges for Petrolimex Hoa Binh Branch. In that context, the branch has identified key tasks: "Doing business effectively, guaranteeing stable employment, increasing incomes and improving working conditions for employees, contributing significantly to local socioeconomic development and security, and fulfilling the representative task of Petrolimex in Hoa Binh province.”
People are the key factor
Mr Do Xuan Hong, Branch Manager, said: "We are determined to continue improving the quality of human resources, considering it a key task, creating a powerful force for development and building up operating capacity of the branch.” Mindful that our “people are the force of all forces and the resource of all resources,” the branch always places human development to the centre of development and takes the enterprise as an instrument to promote talent and creativity. Thus far, the branch’s workforce has steadily increased in both quantity and quality. To date, the branch has 28 managers, and most hold university degrees or higher.
In the past years, Petrolimex Hoa Binh has received much care and support from provincial authorities to do business favourably and effectively. In the past five years, all economic norms were exceeded. Petroleum sales in 2010 surpassed the initial plan by 1.2 percent and increased 103 percent over 2009. In 2011, the branch expects to beat the yearly plan by 4.7 percent and increase sales by 103.4 percent against 2010. Particularly, sales of gasoline, greases and lubricants are expected to reach 103 percent of the full-year plan, and gas sales equal 105 percent of the plan. Currently, the branch is occupying 65 to 75 percent of the petroleum market in Hoa Binh province.
In 2010, the branch paid VND40.6 billion to the State Budget, an increase of 20 percent compared with 2009. In 2011, it is expected to pay VND 42 billion to the State Budget, 113 percent of the full-year plan. The branch proactively looks after the living conditions of its 140 employees, who are paid higher each year.
Ensuring market stability
Petrolimex Hoa Binh Branch has successfully completed all assigned tasks, especially keeping high business growth and ensuring petroleum market stability in line with the Government’s macroeconomic policies. The branch has to realise its business objectives and fulfil political, economic, social and defence tasks in the province.
Being fully aware of the importance of “investment for development, investment for future,” the branch has carried out many projects with guaranteed quality and progress in the past years. It has built three new filling stations, restored downgraded ones, invested in information technology and sales management systems, and improved working environment for employees.
The branch frequently fosters awareness of fire and explosion prevention, flooding prevention and environmental protection. With its sound business development strategies and solutions, Petrolimex Hoa Binh Branch has maintained consistent high growth to contribute to local socioeconomic development.
Petrolimex Hoa Binh is a member unit of Petrolimex Ha Son Binh Company (an affiliate of the Vietnam National Petroleum Corporation - Petrolimex) established under Decision 24/TMDL-QD dated September 5, 1991 of the Ministry Trade and Tourism (currently the Ministry of Industry and Trade) with the main tasks of trading in petroleum and petrochemical products.
Tran Trang