565 Construction JSC: Upholding Tradition in Renovation Process

9:25:12 PM | 9/27/2011

When the country waged war against Americans, young boys and girls put off other work for warfare. Their bravery and willingness to volunteer ended in a glorious, historic victory. Today, those brave hearts are joining forces to build the nation and enrich the fatherland. Many of them are now devoted to 565 Construction Joint Stock Company.
Visiting 565 Construction Joint Stock Company, we met Colonel Nguyen Manh Toan, President and Director of the Company, who told us about those heroic years and continuance of the tradition in the 565 Construction Joint Stock Company.
Glorious history
565 Construction Joint Stock Company was formerly Task Force 565, a unit of Army Corps 12, established May 19, 1965. Immediately after its inception, Task Force 565 was assigned by the General Staff to cross Truong Son Range and march into Laos to deploy forces across six provinces in lower central Laos to fight against Laotian puppet troops, to build armed forces, help Laos defend and expand its liberated area, and defend strategic supply chain corridor 559.
From 1965 to 1971, Task Force 565 served as military experts in Laos. Under the direct command of Lower Central Laos Front and together with the Laotian army, Task Force 565 launched nine major campaigns, were involved in 104 battles, killed 13,762 enemies, seized 4,768 firearms, destroyed 427 military vehicles, and cleared designations of two enemy regiments (E802 and E804), and three enemy battalions (ZM21, ZM23 and ZM27).
In March 1976, Task Force 565 moved from Salavan province of Laos to Nam Long Dai, Quang Binh province of Vietnam to take on a new task: Build the economy in combination with national defence. The unit was assigned to harvest and process timber and grow forests in Nam Long Dai.
In March 1979, the Ministry of Defence designated Task Force 565 to move back to Laos and build Road 7B from Ban Ban to Phonsavan. In less than two years, from March 1979 to November 1980, the unit completed 45.8 km of motorway, 35 km of asphalted road, four bridges and 130 culverts.
In December 1980, Task Force 565 returned Vietnam to build Song Da hydropower plant where 40,000 Vietnamese workers and thousands of Soviet experts were working. With very strong determination, on February 26, 1981, Task Force 565 embarked on digging the canal for the blocking of the Da River in 1983.
Keeping up tradition
In 1993, according to Decision 262/QD-QP dated June 22, 1993 of the Defence Minister, Task Force 565 was transformed into a military-run economic unit named Construction Company 565 affiliated to Truong Son Construction Corporation.
In 1994, after the Hoa Binh hydroelectric plant was inaugurated, 565 Construction Company expanded into new operating areas: Building irrigation works, hydropower plants, transportation works, civil construction, electric transmission lines, sporting facilities, and material production and trading. The company’s business presence was targeted nationwide.
In 2006, according to Decision 3262/QD-BQP dated November 22, 2006 and signed by the Defence Minister approving the equitisation plan and transformation of the company into a joint stock company, 565 Construction Joint Stock Company started a new business model from February 6, 2007 after it received the inaugural Business Registration Certificate No. 25.03.000136 (now Business Registration Certificate No. 5400103880) from the Hoa Binh Department of Planning and Investment.
Continuous development in the renovation process is the target 565 Construction Joint Stock Company is pursuing. A strong foundation plus determination, earnestness and discipline has helped the company assert its position with new projects like National Road 5, Lang - Hoa Lac Highway, National Road 1A (Vinh - Dong Ha section), spillway dam for Son La hydropower plant, Thinh Lang Road (Hoa Binh City), the upgrading of National Road 6, National Road 18 (Bieu Nghi - Bai Chay section), National Road 279 (Bids 4, 5 and 6), Kim Lien - O Cho Dua Street, and Ho Chi Minh Highway (Hoa Binh and Quang Binh sections).
Since its inception, the company has actively contributed to national construction, protection and development. The unit was named “Labour Hero in the Renovation Process” by the Party, State and Ministry of Defence in 1989, and Second Grade Labour Hero in 2004 and 2009. The company is an icon for military-run businesses.
The company always attaches much importance to building the Party, upholding the principle of united and consistent leadership, and promoting the tradition of collective ownership. In the past five years, 565 Construction Joint Stock Company was recognized as a strong and clean Party unit.
The company’s achievements are built on its solid foundations and vigorous efforts of all leaders and staff. With its current equipment and workforce, the company is now capable of carrying out big projects in Vietnam and around the world.
Hang Nga