Dinh Nhuan Trading JSC: Community-oriented

9:37:10 PM | 9/27/2011

Set up in 2001, Dinh Nhuan Trading Joint Stock Company is now the largest trader and supplier of consumer goods in Hoa Binh province. With more than 100 employees, the company has built a province-wide wholesale distribution network. Thanks to sound business development strategies, the firm has continuously achieved annual growth of 40 percent. Taking service quality and customer satisfaction as the gauge of service, the company has continually renovated its service methods, increased benefits to customers, and asserted its position of the "For Hoa Binh Supermarket" in the hearts of customers.
Humanity-based branding
The current stature is built on the bravery and dedication of Director Pham Thi Nhuan who has been honourably named “National outstanding businesswoman.” She is known to be a dynamic, creative, enterprising and responsible businesswoman.
“Brand name is actually the trust of customers for a company and is based on two primary factors: product quality and the company’s commitments to customers and the community. Definitely, these two elements will never be sustained if the company lacks humanity. Without humanity, the company hardly produces any product with desired quality. Without humanity, the company’s promise hardly moves the heart of customers. Unquestionably, the humanity of a company is originated from the heart of businessmen.” For this reason, Ms Pham Thi Nhuan regarded humanity as a long-term investment strategy for her company.
Despite stiff competition from other distributors, the company is still dominating the distribution market of the province with more than 40 product categories on account of customer trust and confidence which is built on products of guaranteed high quality and clear origin. The company is running six pickups to distribute goods in the province to better serve rising local demand. With the support of provincial authorities for operation expansion, in 2008, the company invested over VND10 billion to build the “For Hoa Binh (peace) Supermarket.” The supermarket has created jobs for 67 employees. It has won the trust of local people because of its rich supply of goods, high quality and stable prices. In 2009, the company spent VND2 billion on a bakery facility to meet local demand.
Raison d’être
Entrepreneur Pham Thi Nhuan impresses everyone with her honest face and kindly eye. She has participated in many charitable programmes, not only for a deed called “corporate social responsibility” but, above all, the heart for life. She is present in almost all social activities in the province, enthusiastically joins in thanking movements, charity building construction, AO victim and HIV patient funds. She does many such things but she rarely mentions it because she simply does it from the bottom of her heart. It is her reason for living.
Mr Mac Duy, a retired teacher and a regular patron of “For Hoa Binh” Supermarket, said: "Dinh Nhuan Trading Joint Stock Company is a community-centred business. For Hoa Binh Supermarket is the most reliable address for people in the province because of its guaranteed high quality, stable prices and professional service."
Acumen and effort for technological renovation bring high efficiency in production and business. As a result, its revenues increase year after year. Its sales climbed from VND42 billion in 2007 to VND43 billion in 2008, VND62 billion in 2009 and over VND100 billion in 2010. Its tax payments to the State Budget also increased to VND130 million in 2007 and VND170 million in 2009.
After more than 10 years of operation, Dinh Nhuan Trading Joint Stock Company and Director Pham Thi Nhuan have been crowned with many prizes and titles like Golden Rose Award, Kind-hearted Entrepreneur, diplomas of merits from the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, the Vietnam Fatherland Front, the Hoa Binh People’s Committee, the Vietnam General Confederation of Labour, the Vietnam SMEs Association, etc.
Tran Trang