Thanh Huong JSC: Success with Self-contained Production Model

3:59:18 PM | 9/28/2011

Thanh Huong Joint Stock Company, formerly Thanh Huong Private Enterprise, was established October 2, 2007. The company is proud of the many achievements resulting from its self-contained production model and continuous scientific and technical applications.
The company has effectively built self-contained large-scale livestock and poultry breeding zones. Its poultry farm produces increasing output of chicken eggs. The firm is culturing 6,000 Egyptian chickens. Its animal husbandry zone is keeping super-lean pigs and cash-earning pigs. Currently, it has 120 sows, 600 commercial pigs and 80 wild boars.
To use its pig manure, the company has collaborated with the Hue Agriculture and Forestry University to build underground biogas systems to provide heat for winter shrimp farms in Quang Binh province, becoming the first in the province to have such systems. As a result, shrimp output remains very good although it is cultured in unfavourable weather conditions.
Besides, the company collaborated with Nha Trang University, a leading maritime school in Vietnam, to carry out the “artificial reproduction of flathead mullet” project funded by the Ministry of Fisheries (currently the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development).
Flathead mullet (Mugil cephalus) is a highly valued fish that is easy to culture. The project made stunning success at the end of 2009 as it helped boost the supply of baby fish. If flathead mullet is cultured on a wide scale in the province, it will be a major source of income for the province. In addition, the company currently owns 15 ha of shrimp farms and 5 ha of fish farms. Thanks to self-contained production lines, the firm manages to use the entire land area, treat waste, apply science and technology, and select appropriate species.
Mr Vo Dai Nghia, President of Thanh Huong Joint Stock Company, said: “The company has built up a self-contained production model to use up all items in the production process. Waste from animal husbandry and poultry farming are used for cultivation and aquaculture. Crops like vegetables, tubers and fruits feed livestock and fish. Water sources used for aquaculture irrigate crops of the company.”
To reach new planes and build on its success, the company plans to form and develop a general economic model combined with many different production items to become the first scientific and technological company in Quang Binh province, apply new science and technology to production, and introduce new crop and animal varieties. First of all, Thanh Huong expands aquaculture with different products: Developing white-legged shrimps and flathead mullet; and promoting new species to key products of the company like porcupines and Egyptian chickens. The firm will enlarge the area of planted forests with perennial trees like hybrid acacia, bead tree, cedar, jackfruit, and cracontomelum; plant and expand pastures to raise rabbits; and grow vegetables, tubers and fruits. From this approach, the company expects to help improve living standards of its employees.
Giang San