Unilever Vietnam: Strong Commitments to Make Vietnamese Lives Better

8:21:33 PM | 10/10/2011

28 September, 2011 marks a special milestone for Unilever Vietnam when it officially launched the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan (USLP) in Vietnam. The USLP is more significant when it was taken at the signing ceremony of long-term strategic partnerships between Unilever Vietnam and relevant Government agencies, including Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education & Training and Vietnam Women’s Union.
Since launching its Strategic Intent in 2010, Unilever Vietnam was committed to developing new ways of doing business allowing Unilever to double the size of the company while reducing its environmental impact. The USLP, first announced by Unilever CEO Paul Polman in end 2010, is the roadmap to how Unilever will deliver its commitment. In other words, it is Unilever’s roadmap for sustainably growing the Company and its brands.
The so-called USLP is a ground-breaking company-wide action plan, spanning its entire supply chain and involving every part of the company. The Plan, globally, will result in three significant outcomes by 2020, namely: 1) Doubling the Company’s growth while halving the environmental impact of its products, 2) Sourcing 100 percent of its agricultural raw materials sustainably, 3)Helping more than one billion people take action to improve their health and well-being.
Speaking at the launching ceremony, Mr JV Raman, Chairman of Unilever Vietnam, emphasized: “The USLP a key vehicle to further our strong commitment to make Vietnamese lives better, as we have been continuously doing so since we first started in Vietnam more than 15 years ago. And we cannot do it alone. We will need to work in partnership with our customers, our suppliers, the government and NGOs in order to achieve our goals. We are, therefore, extremely pleased to renew and expand our strategic partnerships with the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education & Training and Vietnam Women’s Union through the signing of our long-term cooperation agreements for the period of 2012-2016 with these respective government agencies today.”
The strategic partnership between Unilever Vietnam and relevant government agencies, started in 2006, focusing on three main areas: health and hygiene education, children development and women empowerment. With total commitments of over VND70 billion per year to these key CSR initiatives, Unilever Vietnam through its Unilever Vietnam Foundation and its brands and government partners, have worked to benefit millions of households in Vietnam, especially in rural and disadvantaged areas. The signing of the agreements marks the 2nd phase of the partnership from 2012 to 2016.
With this launch, Unilever Vietnam officially announced its USLP ambition for 2012 - 2020, furthering its strong commitments to make Vietnamese lives better. Since the beginning of its operation in Vietnam, Unilever Vietnam has committed to help improve the lives of Vietnamese through its solid business performance and contribution to the country’s socio-economic development; its continuous investment in impactful social and community initiatives, and its strong dedication to environmental protection. Unilever Vietnam has done so through its joint efforts and partnership with the Government, the NGOs, with its partners and customers, as well as through the great contribution by its employees in Vietnam.
We are very excited about the USLP journey that we start today in Vietnam. We look forward to working closely with the Government, with our customers and partners, with our consumers and with our employees for the common goal of making Vietnamese lives better,” said Mr JV Raman.
Since its operation in Vietnam in 1995, Unilever Vietnam has continuously achieved strong and solid growth, averaging double digits and resulting in total revenues of nearly 1 percent of the country’s GDP as of 2010. Unilever Vietnam has taken great efforts not only to succeed in business, but also to become a good corporate citizen toward the society, community and environment. The company’s efforts have been recognised by many awards and recognitions. Prominently, they are the First rank Labour Medal in 2010 by the State President for outstanding business performance and significant social and community contribution, and the Environmental Award in Mar 2011 by Prime Minister for the company’s outstanding achievements in environmental protection from 2005 to 2010.
Le Phuong