Imprint on Nam He Hydropower Plant

12:17:31 PM | 10/6/2011

What happened on Nam He hydropower plant construction site in August was different from the lacklustre atmosphere on many construction sites during spiralling inflation. Here, workers were hustling and their machines were running at full capacity. On this out-of-the-way place, weather is foreseeable, but how to behave is not simple at all. “When the head is dry, the clothes get wet” is a word on the Nam He construction site. The sun is scorching, rain is drenching, and flash flooding without warning. Nam He stream is a trickle in dry season, but it rises unpredictably in rainy season. No matter how difficult the tasks they are assigned, workers of Song Da 706 Co., Ltd are determined to complete the project in time as they are indebted to local people and authorities for what they give them.
The project was kicked off in 2009, followed by economic uncertainties, volatile financial market and rising input prices. Before these difficulties, Song Da 7 Joint Stock Company reshuffled its operation. At present, Nam He hydropower plant is assigned to Song Da 706 Co., Ltd as the investor.
At the age of 33, Tran Trung Hieu was appointed “general commander” of Nam He hydropower plant in Dien Bien province in 2010 after he had worked in many big hydropower projects like Tuyen Quang and Son La. Perhaps, his youth, acumen and sensitivity are the driving forces for him to lead his company through unpredictable difficulties. General Director Tran Trung Hieu said the company established a branch here to undertake important items in the most active manner. The branch is now managing nearly 200 skilled workers, and equipment worth over VND32 billion. With these forces, the company has ensured the construction progress of the power plant project. It has also actively worked with experienced units to perform difficult projects like tunnel construction, hydraulic industrial equipment, and equipment supply. With its good preparations, it continues carrying out the project during the rainy seasons.
After some adjustments to the project as of June 2011, the Nam He hydropower plant project has a design capacity of 16 MW and a total investment of over VND400 billion (US$20 million). This facility is capable of generating 61.09 million kWh a year. Once put into operation, it will generate annual revenue of VND55.95 billion. Of the project investment capital, 70 percent comes from BIDV - Dien Bien Branch and the remaining 30 percent is the company’s own capital.
Currently, in spite of economic difficulties, the bank and Song Da 7 Joint Stock Company still give priority to providing adequate capital for the project as scheduled. The company has completed the following items: building roads into the project, digging regulating towers, digging 2.8 km out of 3.4 km of main tunnels, completing current leading drains, and pouring 28,000 tonnes out of 53,000 tonnes of concrete. Total value of these packages is VND160 million. The main equipment is supplied by an Indian company at a price of over US$3.6 million. The first batch is expected to be delivered at Hai Phong Port in August 2011.
General Director Tran Trung Hieu said the project is being carried out in a tough time, but the company is receiving strong support from local governments. Hence, the company can resolve administrative procedures and site clearance relatively favourably. Since the construction started in April 2010, the company has not encountered any security problems. This is also a motivation for engineers and workers to redouble their effort to complete it in June 2012 as scheduled.
Trong Dat