Dien Bien Transport Construction Consulting JSC Proactive to Get Through Difficulties

12:15:32 PM | 10/6/2011

Operating in a very poor mountainous province, Dien Bien Transport Construction Consulting Joint Stock Company faces many difficulties. In the context of economic slowdown, a series of public projects have been delayed or cancelled by the Provincial People’s Committee. The company is also competing with small consultants in the locality and dealing with volatile market prices. However, as a leading construction consultant in Dien Bien province, the management made timely decisions to bring the company into the orbit of development.
The company was set up in 1995 with the initial name of Lai Chau Transport Construction Consulting and Design Survey Company. In 2006, it was transformed into a joint stock company and renamed Dien Bien Transport Construction Consulting Joint Stock Company. The firm specialises in consulting, surveying and designing transport and technical infrastructure in Dien Bien province and other localities.
Despite operating in a very poor province, the company has made great efforts to expand operating area to grasp more opportunities for development. To attain sustainable development, it pays close attention to human resource development. It has annual training plans for its employees to enhance experience and skills in project construction consultancy.
Along with human resource development, the company constantly invests to upgrade equipment and apply advanced technology and science to boost productivity, product quality and competitiveness. Particularly, it installs new hardware and upgrades existing systems to serve surveying and design works. It purchases new and upgrades software to serve road and project surveying and design. It invests in high-precision topographical surveying devices, material testing devices and quality examining equipment.
As a result, all projects carried out by the company are highly appreciated by their investors. Outstanding projects include Muong Nhe - Chung Chai - A Pa Chai Road, Muong Nhe - Pac Ma Road (Muong Nhe district), National Road 4D running through Phong Tho district, Tam Duong Road (Lai Chau province), and National Road 12.
The economic downturn has dragged on the company's operations. But, with strong management unity and employee consensus, the company managed to mobilise financial resources from its employees to carry out contracts according to schedule.
Engineer Le Quy Truong, director of the company, said: Transport construction consultancy largely depends on investment capital sources, construction schedule, and completion. To attract investment capital in a poor mountainous province like Dien Bien where traffic is unfavourable and the terrain is complex, provincial authorities need to create a favourable investment and business environment, reform administrative mechanisms, and offer incentive policies for companies investing in the province.
Binh Chau