Building Phu Yen into Attractive and Friendly Tourist Destination

3:38:24 PM | 4/19/2016

Endowed with many famous landscapes and relics and supported by good transport infrastructure and tourism services, Phu Yen province has become an attractive and friendly destination for domestic and international tourists. Vietnam Business Forum has an interview with Mr Ho Van Tien, Director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, on local tourism development. Giang Vy reports.
Could you please introduce some major tourism investment and development achievements in the province in recent years?
Regarding infrastructure, Phu Yen province has mobilised all available resources for infrastructure investment to serve social, economic and tourism development over the past years. The province has invested in upgrading important roads linking to monuments and landscapes such as Da Dia Reef, Vung Ro Port, Phu Yen Wartime Base during the American War and Tuy Hoa Airport. Currently, Jetstar Pacific Airlines is operating Tuy Hoa - Ho Chi Minh City route with seven flights a week and Tuy Hoa - Hanoi route with four flights a week. VietJet Air is running Tuy Hoa - Ho Chi Minh City route with seven flights a week. Hence, travel conditions between Phu Yen province and major economic and commercial hubs of the nation are quite favourable.
Culturally, traditional festivals have been gradually conserved, restored and promoted to highlight folklore values, traditional culture, cultures of ethnic minorities. The province has also invested in restoring national historical and cultural scenic spots, improving the number and quality of tourism human resources, and standardising operations and services in many tourist sites, hotels and entertainment centres.
The advertisement has been accelerated for the successful construction of its tourism brand “Phu Yen - Attractive and friendly destination.” Some travel routes and tourist attractions have been launched by travel firms, thus more and more tourists are arriving in Phu Yen province. Tourist arrivals grow 20 per cent a year on average. In 2015, Phu Yen welcomed 900,000 tourists, up 19.2 per cent over 2014 and tourism revenue topped VND850 billion.
With a rising number of tourist arrivals and a growing competition from other destinations, what solutions has the tourism sector taken to ensure sustainable development?
To achieve sustainable tourism development, in addition to stepping up communications on tourism popularity, investment increase and infrastructure construction in planned tourist sites, the province will need to carry out some important solutions as follows: Building tourist sites scientifically; protecting and reasonably tapping natural endowments (beaches, rivers, forests, ecosystems, etc.), developing ecological tourism products like sightseeing, mountain trekking and natural conservation; protecting ecological systems like marshes, bays, rivers and lakes; protecting and restoring humanity environments (scenic landscapes, cultural and historical heritages, traditions and national and local identity); and exploiting tangible and intangible cultural heritage values for the sustainable development of tourism.
Besides, the province needs to foster tourism resources development; advocate socialising development investment and creating favourable conditions for individuals, organisations and businesses to invest in tourism; encourage foreign investment and development projects; and strengthen tourism personnel training and development and improve service quality.
How has Phu Yen province advertised its tourism, particularly in international markets?
As known, tourism promotion plays a very important role in attracting tourists. There are a lot of forms of communication, advertising and promotion in order to introduce the images of the land, people and unique, distinctive identity to the market. Phu Yen province has placed an important priority on this work, evidenced by regular communications on mass media, tourism website construction, and tourism product development. The province has also actively attended fairs, conferences and seminars to attract more domestic and foreign investment for tourism development and hosted many major events concerning tourism.
To attract more domestic and foreign tourists, Phu Yen province will need to make greater efforts to develop the image and brand name of Phu Yen tourism.