Enterprises Join Hands for Tourism Environment

11:29:36 AM | 3/22/2019

Garbage at tourist sites is always one of the most pressing problems that local authorities and tourism managers worry about. Not only does it affect health, but it also makes tourist destinations lose visitors. Understanding that, many businesses have their own ways to join in handling waste at tourist sites.

Alarm about garbage

The number of tourists is increasing while many of them litter everywhere they go, causing the environment, especially beaches and spiritual tourism spots in the high season, to be seriously polluted.

In the early spring days of the new year, the need for Buddhist pilgrimage rises. We easily catch the headlines: "Hung temple relic is surrounded by garbage”,“Walls of Hue city are full of garbage”, “Discharging litter in Trang An Heritage area” and so on. The problem of waste at tourist sites is alarming.

Ms. Vu Thanh Thuy, a tourist at Trang An Heritage said: “Many people are not conscious, they litter bottles, cigarette butts, chewing gum, food so that many people step on them. It is very dirty. So not only me but many other tourists probably don't want to come back.”

According to statistics, each year in Vietnam, the total amount of domestic solid waste is about 24.5 million tons; industrial solid waste is 8.1 million tons and about 800,000 tons of hazardous waste. Meanwhile, the rate of domestic solid waste collection in cities is about 70% to 85%; for rural areas, only from 40% to 55%.

According to the national environmental report of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, pollution from garbage continues to be a key environmental issue, including domestic waste in urban areas and tourist sites, up to 46%.

In addition, at the International Conference to consult on the development of national action plan and management of ocean plastic waste, the United Nations Environment Program announced that Vietnam ranked 4th among countries with high level of plastic waste discharged to the sea with about 0.28 to 0.73 tons per year, accounting for 6% of the world's plastic waste.

Enterprises join hands for the environment

Images of Japanese people picking up garbage everywhere earn the whole world respect. So why don't we build such a beautiful culture? Images of Western people scavenging garbage on Vietnamese beaches leave an impression on the public. Studying that spirit, many young Vietnamese groups gathered and picked up trash at some public places. However, this action is only fragmented, small and not yet effective, yet to create a strong movement in society.

A few months ago, the World Conservation Organization coordinated with Bhaya Cruise and other donors to organize a garbage collection event in Ha Long Bay. In just one hour, 741kg of garbage was collected in both Coc Cheo Beach with a length of about 150m and Ang Du Beach with a length of about 100m. All this garbage was sorted and processed.

Following that good action, right on the first day of the new year of 2019, Hai Dang Group - Nha Trang called on all staff members to participate in "One day to clean up garbage" at Galina Lake View resort. All the rubbish was collected, classified to be treated, bringing the natural cleanness to the spiritual destination of Kenh Ha Lake as well as spreading people's consciousness in disposing of garbage in the right places for the clean and green tourism environment. Those activities have left many impressions in the hearts of tourists coming here, which also attracted more people to know and come to visit Galina Lake View.

In one destination in the north, MobiFone Service Area 1 cooperated with the Festival Organization Committee of Huong Pagoda to implement the program "MobiFone for a green-clean-beautiful environment" in the area of ​​Huong Pagoda. It is known that in the festive season, every day Huong Pagoda welcomes tens of thousands of Buddhists, domestic and foreign tourists, the amount of waste discharged is extremely large. The mobilization of Mobifone with 20 employees picking up waste from the tobacco butts, plastic bags, water bottles, chewing gum, food has contributed to improving the tourism environment, spreading action for a clean and beautiful tourism environment.
Mr. Kien Khanh, Vinh Vocational Training College, Nghe An shared: “Picking up garbage and protecting the environment is a good action, not only contributing to protecting the environment but also inspiring people. Tourists are aware of the common hygiene, keeping the garbage in the right place and especially becoming a good example for young people to follow.”

Joining hands to protect the environment not only demonstrates corporate social responsibility but also a good way to communicate and promote business image. It will help building trust for the public, contributing to building a sustainable development business. To solve this situation, it is necessary for the government and the community, especially enterprises, to join hands and mobilize to create a movement.

Giang Tu