Tea Exports Edge Up 15.4% in Q1

3:44:03 PM | 4/12/2019

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Vietnam exported 26,000 tons of tea in the first quarter of 2019, earning turnover of US$45 million, up 2.1% in volume and 15.4% in value year on year.

Pakistan contributed largely to the increase as it captured the lion’s share of Vietnamese tea with 34.5%.

Pakistan was the largest importer when it splashed out US$ 81.63 million on buying 38,213 tons of Vietnamese tea.

It was followed by China’s Taiwan with imports of 18,573 tons worth US$ 28.75 million and Russia with 13,897 tons valued at US$ 21.21 million.

Last year, Vietnam gained US$ 217.83 million from shipping more than 127,000 tons of tea overseas, falling 8.9% in volume and 4.4% in value.

According to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), black tea output is forecast to rise 2.2% each year in the next decade to reach 4.4 million tons by 2027.

Meanwhile, green tea yield moves at a faster pace of 7.5% annually, and is set to hit 3.6 million tons by the year.

Consumption is expected to surge, mostly in China and India.

Experts said that Vietnamese companies should invest heavily in handmade tea and botanical tea, which are preferred by consumers today to raw green and black tea.

Source: VGP