Fairyland Tra Su Forest

12:07:32 PM | 4/24/2019

In Tra Su forest, the scene that appears before visitors is the green of the forest merging with the vast sky creating a beautiful natural picture. Therefore, this place was dubbed as the unique "jade island" in the Western region.

Mingle with nature in Tra Su

Tra Su special-use forest with ancient melaleuca vegetation and vines along with the harmonious sound of hundreds of wildlife species in the red book, fish, amphibians and insects, create the highlight of a dreamlike living space in "heavenly skies" in the Western region.

"After every emotion in the trip on the memorable green carpet roads, we were tired but satisfied with the charming scene," the group of tourists shared.

After taking selfie to keep a record of cute images, young girls rushed to the food court to enjoy the specialty dishes in Tra Su. Fish cooked with sour soup, baked snakehead fish with young lotus leaves, salted hotpot, banh xeo, forest vegetable, chicken and duck are some of the delicious dishes available.

The one-day trip brought emotion to foreign and domestic tourists. They shared that after returning from the trip, their skins became "smoother", and their lungs were cleaner due to being purified from fresh air.

Tra Su is on the throne

Tra Su is like a green mirror attached to the immense space that is in harmony with the overall nature of the Seven Mountains region. When the sunset falls, the sea of ​​clouds begins to slowly embrace the sky of Tra Su, you will admire the fanciful scenery like never before. The natural picture with firefly lights appears sparkling, hidden in the beautiful floating fog that makes everyone bewildered, immersed in the fairyland.

That uniqueness has inspired the Sao Mai Group to create the creative design concept of "the 5 star resort zone" which is a combination of artificial islands adjacent to each other. Each island is an amusement park, botanical garden, miniature zoo, mini resort with spa services, infinity pool. Especially, there is a tranquil hill with a stylized version of the Zen model to serve the needs of tourists. The islands will be built in sparse and deserted forests with the goal of regenerating the landscape and cultivating Tra Su Melaleuca Forest to develop uniformly.

While Vietnam does not have many businesses to develop green tourism, Sao Mai Group has pioneered to promote forest ecotourism. Being well aware of the promising economic efficiency to bring to the community and the country from this segment, Sao Mai is very determined to bring the creative idea "Tra Su - virtual reality star rising in the era 4.0 ".

"I believe that Tra Su will thrive and also hope that tourists will keep their hygiene and respect the characteristics of the forests in Western regions. Hopefully, the life of the people in the buffer zone will soon change as a result of by Sao Mai," one tourist expressed.

Long holidays are inviting tourists in April, September and the last days of the year. Tra Su forest with interesting experiences deserves to be listed in your summer vacation plan. The beauty of the majestic place makes everyone who has been here want to return to the paradise. That is the legacy and also the message that Sao Mai Group is sending to everyone.

Thanh Hoai