PM: VN Confidently Steps Forward on Path of Int’l Integration

12:09:26 PM | 4/24/2019

PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc has stated that from the initial stage of international economic integration, Viet Nam has achieved many achievements and confidently headed forward on the path of international integration, as concretized in the Politburo’s Resolution No. 22 (April 2013) with the connotation of proactive and comprehensive integration across three pillars: politics-defense-security, economy, and science-education-culture-society.

Government leader made the statement while presiding over a national videoconference on international integration, themed “Strengthening international integration in a proactive, creative and effective manner for rapid and sustainable development”, in Ha Noi on April 23.

In his opening remarks, PM Phuc hailed the event as being of special importance in the context of fluctuations in both the domestic and international situations, emphasizing that international integration is a big and consistent policy of the Party and State and is concretized appropriately for each development stage of the country.

International integration has contributed significantly to the great achievements of more than 30 years of Doi Moi (Renewal), and has increasingly expanded across many fields, from economy to culture, society, national defense, security and foreign affairs, he said.

He stated that the Government has concretized the international integration policy with many resolutions, directives, decisions and related documents, and drastically directed and organized the strong and effective implementation of the international integration work, thus creating the most favourable conditions for socio-economic development and ensuring national defense and security.

According to the PM, international integration has contributed significantly to Viet Nam’s outstanding socio-economic achievements over the past five years. Notably, Viet Nam has maintained a peaceful environment and socio-political stability, while proactively boosting international integration and attracting external resources, which join domestic resources to create a strong motivation for national development.

Viet Nam has signed and concluded negotiations on many free trade agreements (FTAs), thus opening up a large cooperation space for the strongly growing economy in the future. Additionally, the country has expanded its relations and elevated its partnerships with many nations, and successfully organized a number of regional and global events, such as the 2017 APEC, WEF-ASEAN 2018 and the 2nd DPRK-USA Summit (February 2019), which is the testimony to Viet Nam’s policy of being a reliable friend and partner of the international community, and shows the country’s proactive and active role.

However, PM Phuc urged for the clear awareness of the shortcomings that need to be addressed in order to strengthen international integration in a proactive, creative and effective fashion for fast and sustainable development.

He asked delegates to assess the implementation of the Party’s resolutions on international integration in the past five years; analyze and forecast the international and domestic situations, particularly opportunities, advantages as well as difficulties and challenges from now to 2020 and in the next five and 10 years; and clearly determine the strategic visions, goals and orientations for the international integration work, thereby setting tasks, solutions, plans and action programs for each field.

Source: VGP