GIC/AHK to Release German Investor Confidence Index in Vietnam

2:30:16 PM | 6/4/2019

On June 20, the Delegate of the German Industry and Commerce in Vietnam (GIC/AHK Vietnam) will release a survey result of German investor sentiment in Vietnam and around the world called “AHK World Business Outlook 2019”. The survey was conducted in April 2019.

This annual survey is conducted by the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) and the Delegates of German Industry and Commerce in 92 countries and joined by more than 30,000 German investors all over the world.

The survey aims to assess the sentiment of German investors in Vietnam and the world as well as their challenges, and to make predictions for 12-month development and solutions to remove barriers and challenges for the German business community in Vietnam and around the world.

Ha Vu