Surprisingly New Tra Su Tourist Area

11:44:32 AM | 7/2/2019

Heavily invested, Tra Su Cajuput Forest now has a totally new face. Endowed with a beautiful natural landscape and dressed a luxurious and classy coat, Tra Su emerges as a magnificent “princess” in the eyes of tourists.

When receptionists are ... pigeons

Welcoming the dawn in Tra Su Cajuput Forest is the symphony of chirping birds mixed with the sound of forest chickens from a distance. And recently, visitors are extremely excited about new splendid castles for lovely doves.

For so many people, doves are merely ornamental birds. But in Tra Su, they have a special task: Welcoming visitors. Glittering round eyes and smooth feathers are all typical natural beauty and charm of this bird species. Dove colors, from pure white to yellowish brown, and their ‘perch coo’ sounds are the interesting language of the sweetest ceremony. Doves - the messenger of peace raised in Tra Su - suggest a message of friendliness, hospitality and passion to all.

“Perhaps the beautiful natural image and instinct of pigeons will also inspire love and joint effort for protection of the ecological forest landscape for visitors. Last but not least, pigeons are particularly ‘sociable’ birds, which increase the value of its very symbolism,” said Mr. Chau Hoang Minh, Director of Tra Su Tourist Area.

Ideal check-in place

With a completely new look, Tra Su is becoming a ‘green paradise - virtual living space’ where the sky is always purely blue and clear in the dry season and the water is always clean and clear in the raining season. This paradise is a perfect background for your portrait photos. You will be surprised and delighted with the unique photos at Tra Su that you cannot find any better place.

The “photogenic spot” of Tra Su lies in the combination of a pristine landscape and beautiful weather. Therefore, when taking photos, you should take advantage of this feature. Exploring the scenery and choose a shooting angle for yourself to capture the deep green forest and the pure blue sky, decorated with the pure white of magnificent pigeon castles will give you perfect check-in points that you cannot stand keeping your camera in your pocket.

Travel route in lower Mekong River

With the desire to turn this place into a national place of interest, Sao Mai Group has decided to make Tra Su, Nui Sam Mountain, Nui Cam Mountain and Tuc Dup Hill real boosts to the hospitality industry of An Giang province.

Seeing that traffic is one of the biggest bottlenecks to Tra Su tourist area, the President of Sao Mai Group spent his own money buying land from local people to dig a big lake to take soil for building up an arterial road for visitors to reach this place of interest.

After the ‘artificial lake’ was built, Sao Mai Group invested in more items like ticket houses and rest houses for tourists (with environmentally friendly materials and designed to ecological landscapes), a large central wharf system with brand new boats. All create an impressive space for visitors in Tra Su.

Invested by Sao Mai Group, the face of Tra Su Tourist Area has been completely changed from the past, the quality of services has increased to enhance visitor satisfaction. In the first six months of 2019, nearly 150,000 visitors arrived in this cajuput forest, nearly 30% more than a year ago. Tra Su, Nui Sam Mountain, Nui Cam Mountain and Tuc Dup Hill have formed an ideal itinerary for tourists in the lower Mekong River.

Thanh Trung