Investment in Art and Culture to Promote Tourism Development

11:40:20 AM | 5/31/2019

Vietnam has a great advantage in natural landscapes; however, it still lacks art and cultural programs for tourists wishing to learn about the country and Vietnamese people. Investment in the art and culture sector is still an open door.

Great potential for investors

According to the statistics of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, in 2018, Vietnam tourism was estimated to reach about 15.6 million international arrivals earning more than VND620,000 billion (US$26.5 billion)). There was a large number of international tourists who wanted to enjoy high level arts and culture; however, there were very few great shows for them. Therefore, organizing art shows to serve tourists is still considered to have great potential for investors with long-term vision.

Many countries around the world have been very successful in organizing art and cultural shows for tourists like Thailand with "Siam Niramit" "Tiffany show", or Korea with "Miso show ". Recently, Vietnam has also organized some art shows attracting guests such as Galina show "Hoa Dat Viet", "A o shows" or "the quintessence of Tonkin". In particular, it must be mentioned that the quintessence of Vietnam show by Tuan Chau Joint Stock Company is a successful example of private enterprises investing in art and culture to serve tourism. The show has a strong cast of 250 participants, especially - mostly farmers in Quoc Oai, Hanoi - standing on the home stage and telling stories of their own daily lives, with the spirit of farming, including farm work, rice pounding, fishing, and bailing water. The show was developed with 6 parts: "Poetry", "Buddha's Land", "Nostalgia ", "Music and art", "Peace and happiness" and "Festival". Through each scene, audiences are led into the cultural space of the Red River Delta community, with old stories and cultural practices hard to find in today’s life.

The director of the quintessence of Tonkin show, Mr. Hoang Nhat Nam, said: "With more than 60,000 audience members, the quintessence of Tonkin show went back to the Vietnamese village's old days through 200 nights of emotional performances. CNN affirmed that the quintessence of Tonkin is a must-see show in Hanoi."

Mr. Ngo Hoai Chung, Deputy Director General of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism stated: “Investment in culture to have attractive tourism products has become an effective model for many countries with strong tourism economies. This is also a trend of Vietnam's tourism, which meets the new trend of investing in cultural products for tourism through Vietnam's traditional folk art culture, thereby contributing to meeting the demand of visitors, while creating new tourism products."

Attracting private investment

Cultural factors have greater attraction for visitors than natural resources. In addition, the shows featuring art are one of the unique products that make travel more interesting and diverse. However, the organization of art and cultural programs for tourism in Vietnam is still new, small scale, inconsistent and without long-term orientation.

Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh, Vice Chairman of Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa Tourism Association, shared: Currently, most performing shows belong to qualified entrepreneurs, who are passionate about Vietnamese culture and especially having good financial potential. They have built up a brand for visitors, contributing significantly to the performance of the industry. However, this result is still not commensurate with the great potential of Vietnam tourism."

In fact, most shows for tourism have not found a focal point to perform well enough for the cultural identity of the Vietnam. According to Mr. Pham Tien Dung, Vice President of Hanoi Unesco Travel Club, the tourism industry needs great art programs to be held periodically or on various topics. Most shows currently do not derive from the wishes of visitors, and are not really suitable for the tastes and preferences of the public.

Therefore, in addition to actively encouraging private enterprises to invest in art and culture, the cultural and tourism management agencies need reasonable plans and policies to encourage State culture and art organizations, the people with expertise in this area to coordinate with investors in order to produce high quality art products to become popular destinations for visitors.

Besides, according to Mr. Nguyen Khac Ha, Director of Khanh Hoa Provincial Department of Culture and Sports, although the cultural industry has organized many cultural and art programs suitable for tourists, it has not been connected with other travel companies to introduce cultural products to visitors, hence a better source of funds for creating cultural products”. Therefore, in order to bring the arts and culture into tourism, the cultural and tourism sectors need to find a common voice in the development and diversification of cultural forms for tourism. The art and cultural programs require coordination between travel businesses and travel management agencies to introduce, promote products and programs to tourists.

It can be said that the art and cultural shows have many opportunities and potential for development. Therefore, with the support policies of the Party and the State, the joint efforts of travel companies and tourism management agencies, the cultural field is the fertile area for private investors to enjoy efficient exploitation in the future.

Giang Tu