Charming Autumn in Tra Su Cajuput Forest

3:12:51 PM | 9/23/2019

In the autumn, Rung Tram Tra Su (Tra Su cajuput forest) appears in the middle of immense rice fields and in the distance is the sacred That Son mountain looming in the mist. The legendary space makes Tra Su beautiful and irresistible to visitors.

The bright summer sunshine and the autumn rains nurture the freshness of the gathering of about 140 species of plants, hundreds of rare animals and insects of all kinds. The wonders of nature always bring endless inspiration to people, especially artists and writers. Tra Su cajuput forest makes us appreciate and preserve what the southern heaven has bestowed. The forest attracts tourists who love to experience and are passionate about scientific research.

Four interesting experiences at the cajuput museum

Just going down to the forest, there are hundreds of photos in many different angles taken by professional photographers and visitors. Each picture shows the feeling of the indescribable beauty of the primeval cajuput forest

From the marina - where the pigeon castle looks like a special reception - visitors will move to the forest gate by motorboat. The speed is neither too fast nor too slow for people to "enjoy" a very interesting experience right after arriving in Tra Su.

Down the winding canal, the motorboat takes us through ancient cajuput trees tilting to reflect on the clear water. The same giant mirror also reflects the blue sky so beautifully, seeing all the harmony of the natural landscape as if it was arranged by some invisible hand.

Each cluster of vines clinging to the old cajuput looks like a proof of the durability of symbiosis in the world of all species to survive. Visitors will not be surprised at the prospect of opening the eyes to the diversity of nature unique to this special cajuput forest. Before going deep into the core of the forest, visitors will be advised by a guide to switch to the canoe to facilitate the discovery of the characteristics of the forest center.

In order to cover all the "resources" of the core zone, avoiding noise so as not to disturb the peaceful life of rare and precious feathers is the most important. Therefore, canoe rowing is an appropriate solution for visitors to easily "touch" to the vivid beauty in this area.

The bird and stork nests hang on cajuput branches and cajuput tops. The birds and storks lumbering, or wandering on the dunes of tangerine vegetation bound to the base of the cajuput. And somewhere there stand the birds tilting their heads like a special greeting to visitors. The colorful butterflies and bees are playing around each cluster of fragrant white melaleuca.

Symphony of the forest

The sound of the wind blowing - the sound of birds singing – the sound of oars gently splashing into the water together create a symphony called Tra Su. Rowing gently on the boat will bring you the strange style to enjoy the feeling of "real Tra Su".

There have been millions of visitors to visit and among them there are also many who come back many times to drop soul into the tranquil peaceful space, breathe the fresh air of the green lung in the middle of the plain. Immerse yourself in the feeling of adventure on the water covered with green carpet will be unforgettable impressions.

It is even more interesting to experience on the long, hazy roads weaving between two rows of cool green melaleuca trees by walking or cycling. The basket of flowers does not touch the ground dangling on the trunk of the cajuput. The raft of blooming flowers are floating on the water of Tra Su. Hundreds of carefree flying pigeons make interesting sounds.

The ultimate experience which will bring a beautiful message about a Tra Su is enjoying the specialties. Mangrove trees, tickling stems, water spinach, fish, shrimp, crab are processed into dozens of dishes that make people hunger after adventurous moments with the scenery of Tra Su.

Autumn on the green road Tra Su filled with the sound of the wind, the birds singing in the distance have gone into the memory of many tourists. Tra Su is beautiful in four seasons with shimmering colors and has become "Avatar" when talking about traveling to An Giang.

Dien Quan