VSIP: Symbol of Vietnam - Singapore Friendship and Cooperation

3:45:18 PM | 11/6/2019

Vietnam - Singapore Industrial Park (VSIP) was developed on the form of friendship and economic cooperation between Vietnam and Singapore. With the support from two countries' governments, a joint venture between domestic and foreign partners by reputable corporations, experience in infrastructure construction and real estate such as Becamex IDC Corporation (Vietnam) and the companies led by Sembcorp Development (Singapore) was established to carry out VSIP project.

Up to now, VSIP has been developing nine projects across the country with more than 8,600 ha of total land fund including industrial land, township and service. VSIP is now supplying production infrastructure to 880 customers from 30 countries and territories, with a total investment of US$14 billion and creating jobs for more than 265,000 domestic and foreign workers. VSIP has also gradually shifted towards to integrated township, service and industrial park aimed for creating a sustainable working, living, studying and playing environment.

In addition to constantly expanding and developing, VSIP also has many community-oriented activities. We organize charity festivals in VSIPs to raise money for the poor, build charitable houses, schools, sponsor scholarships for poor diligent students in the provinces and other community activities yearly. Not only for charitable purposes, VSIP Charity Day is also a healthy playground that attracts thousands of workers who are working in the Industrial Park to come together for entertainment.

With the success of the implemented projects and the ongoing and upcoming projects scale, VSIP is considered one of the leading integrated township and industrial park developers in Vietnam and a symbol of friendship and cooperation between Vietnam and Singapore.

Find out more about VSIP through the following website: www.vsip.com.vn