Chau Duc Urban Industrial Park & Golf Course: Catalyst for Ba Ria - Vung Tau Economic Growth

1:35:27 PM | 11/8/2019

Along with the rapid industrial and urban development of Ba Ria - Vung Tau province in general and Chau Duc district in particular, Chau Duc Urban Industrial Park & Golf Course was established as an indispensable affirmation in the development trend of this dynamic and potential economic region.

After more than 10 years of operation, Chau Duc Urban Industrial Park & Golf Course has become a magnet to draw investors into Ba Ria - Vung Tau province and created a strong boost to local industrial development, enabling Ba Ria - Vung Tau to become a modern industrial and seaport province.

Covering 2,287 ha, Chau Duc Urban Industrial Park & Golf Course, invested by Sonadezi Chau Duc Shareholding Company, is one of the largest industrial complexes in Vietnam, which consists of a 1,556-ha industrial park and 689-ha Chau Duc urban area and 36-hole world-class golf course. Integrating the industrial park and commercial urban area, Chau Duc Urban Industrial Park & Golf Course serves industrial tenants and shapes a modern model residence. It combines both economic investment and social development.

Since Chau Duc Urban Industrial Park & Golf Course started operations, it has attracted a substantial investment fund into Ba Ria - Vung Tau province because it has many unique advantages as compared to other industrial parks, urban areas and large population clusters in the region. Its first competitive advantage is a good location, lying next to the Ba Ria - Vung Tau Political Administrative Center, where traffic access is are very convenient and well connected to artery traffic routes. This position facilitates the industrial park to link with other provinces, cities and major economic centers in the Southeast region. In addition, it is 16 km to Thi Vai Port, 19 km to Cai Mep Port, 21 km to Go Dau Port and 54 km to Long Thanh International Airport. Thus, tenants can easily transport materials, import and export their products. Endowed by favorable conditions of a geographical location, topographic, geomorphologic features, Chau Duc Urban Industrial Park & Golf Course has utilized modern green initiatives to plan open traffics towards perfection. Besides, the industrial park has a vast ready land fund for investors who will enjoy more flexible and competitive land rental rates and management fees than other industrial parks.

The next competitive advantage comes from synchronous and modern infrastructure. Up to now, the technical infrastructure in the industrial park has been completed with hot asphalt roads, six-lane North-South Central Road with a 2-meter separator and two-lane branch roads. Besides, other utilities include well-built gas supply, electricity supply, water supply, wastewater treatment, fire protection, information - telecom, banking, post and health systems, catered by service companies.

It is easy to see in the context of the harsh competition of the market mechanism during the period of international economic integration. Creating a good product is not enough but it must have a perfect service with good after-sales to satisfy all customers, even the most demanding customers. Therefore, besides promoting available advantages such as a prime location, complete infrastructure, good geology, reasonable land rent, abundant local labor resources, Chau Duc Urban Industrial Park & Golf Course always tries its best to be a reliable partner of all tenants and this is also an important factor for it to win the trust of investors. Sonadezi Chau Duc Shareholding Company, the developer, always does its utmost to support investors at every stage, e.g. supporting business establishment, investment and construction procedures, proving advice on construction design and project launch. In addition to identifying and calling for investment projects from target markets, Sonadezi Chau Duc Shareholding Company always focuses on investment promotion at site. Mr. Pham Xuan Bach, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sonadezi Chau Duc Shareholding Company, said, “Taking good care of existing investors, supporting and facilitating them to carry out successful projects is the best and cheapest way of investment promotion.”

He said, to increase the efficiency of investment attraction, in the coming time, Sonadezi Chau Duc Shareholding Company will focus on diversifying products such as industrial property, civil property, and ready-built factories for rent to effectively meet different needs of investors. Thus, it can bring more successes to investors and contribute more to local socioeconomic development.