Breakthrough in Vocational Training Quality Needed

10:15:36 AM | 12/2/2019

At his working meeting with Vinh Phuc Vocational College and Vinh Phuc Economic Technical College, Mr. Nguyen Van Tri, Chairman of Vinh Phuc Provincial People’s Committee, requested the schools to make a breakthrough in vocational training quality to meet recruitment needs of the society.

Aligning training delivered by schools with employment demands placed by companies is also the direction chosen by Vinh Phuc Economic Technical College on the integration and development path. Currently, the school is training 20 occupations at college level, 26 occupations at intermediate level, and five key careers of regional and international levels. Most graduated students are employed by enterprises in Vinh Phuc and surrounding provinces.

At the meeting, representatives of Vinh Phuc Vocational College suggested that Vinh Phuc province invest more in vocational infrastructure and equipment to meet quality criteria. Vinh Phuc Economic Technical College also proposed that the province continue to have support policies for learners resided in Vinh Phuc, invest in training equipment and facilities for automotive and mechanical industries.