Tay Ninh Agricultural and Rural Development Project Management Unit: Guaranteeing Public Investment Efficiency

11:53:39 AM | 12/5/2019

Despite facing numerous difficulties, the Tay Ninh Agricultural and Rural Development Project Management Unit has endeavored to successfully fulfill all assigned political tasks and make practical contributions to agricultural restructuring and the associated rural construction.

The Tay Ninh Agricultural and Rural Development Project Management Unit, formerly known as the Irrigation Construction Project Management Board under the Tay Ninh Department of Water Resources, was established on July 23, 1993 under a decision of the Provincial People’s Committee. On November 29, 2016, the unit was officially established under Decision 3043/QD-UBND of the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee. Since then, the unit has been closely guided by the Provincial People’s Committee, led by the Party Committee of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and actively supported by concerned departments and agencies. “Another advantage is that its employees are qualified, experienced and united and they always strive to successfully complete all tasks entrusted by their superiors,” said Mr. Nguyen Quoc Cuong, Director of the Tay Ninh Agricultural and Rural Development Project Management Unit.

However, the unit has also encountered numerous difficulties and challenges. Due to changeable policies on construction investment management, cumbersome and time-consuming procedures, the unit is sometimes passive on the progress of ongoing projects and plans which must be adjusted to adapt to new changes. Work pressure is sometimes very heavy because projects must meet quality and schedule. Difficulty even increases when site clearance and ground compensation is allocated to district land fund development centers. Land compensation requires many time-consuming stages and always faces hardships that affect the progress of project construction and budget disbursement.

In spite of existing difficulties and challenges, being aware that agricultural and rural development projects play an important role and produce strong impacts on livelihoods and production of people, the unit will focus on planning investment projects to match suitable and practical requirements and ensure feasibility and effectiveness when being assigned investment and administration tasks. Especially when carrying out projects, the unit always actively cooperates with relevant agencies and units to speed up site clearance and land compensation for contractors to execute the projects smoothly. It assigns staff to manage projects, bidding packages and construction schedule; follows actual construction schedule and supervises and urges contractors to adhere to the announced schedule, strictly deals with contractors with projects behind schedule. Furthermore, the unit actively follows up to detect and promptly remove difficulties and problems; actively urges construction units to keep constructions and projects carried out on schedule, to reach the required quality and to be put into service.

With its tireless efforts, since its establishment, the Tay Ninh Agricultural and Rural Development Project Management Unit has carried out many major projects like reinforcing canals across Tay Ninh province (in 1993 - 2000), Tan Hung irrigation system (1996 -2001), Self-dipping irrigation system in Tan Chau sugarcane area (2001-2005), Tan Bien Irrigation Area - Phuoc Hoa irrigation project phase 2 (2012-2018), and irrigation system in the west of the Vam Co Dong River (2018-2022). With regard to irrigation, the unit has launched various projects such as drainage projects, dike projects, pump station projects, hi-tech agricultural area projects, crop and livestock irrigation projects. Respecting rural water supply, the unit has carried out 20 water supply stations upgrading and repairing projects. With respect to working office buildings, the unit has constructed, repaired and upgraded many working offices for the agriculture and rural development sector.

In general, its project management and construction investment are compliant with the law. Once completed and put into use, projects meet such requirements as quality, schedule, labor safety and environmental sanitation and positively contribute to the goal of rapid and sustainable socioeconomic development.

Director Nguyen Quoc Cuong said that, in order to fulfill all tasks assigned by the Provincial People's Committee in 2019, from now until the end of the year, the unit will further accelerate projects, focus on key irrigation projects in the west of the Vam Co Dong River; and strengthen the progress and quality management to ensure the quality of projects. At the same time, the unit will complete making the plan for canal project for the Crop Conversion Scheme adopted by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development; and complete the medium-term plan for 2021-2025 with a focus placed on solidifying and completing the irrigation project in the west of the Vam Co Dong River - Phase 2.

 Cong Luan