Breakthrough Solutions in Socio-economic Development and Investment Attraction

10:05:08 AM | 12/25/2019

With a direction to 2030 and a vision to 2050, Da Nang strives to become a center of tourism, high quality service and high technology of Vietnam and to play an important role in the national urban development strategy.

To gradually achieve this goal, Da Nang identifies three breakthroughs in socio-economic development to 2020, including: (1) Development of service sectors, especially tourism and commerce; focus on attracting investment in high-tech industry, information technology; (2) Investment in building synchronous and key infrastructure; building and developing urban culture and civilization, building an environmental city; and (3) Developing high quality human resources for both public and private sectors.

The city has developed action plans to specify the implementation of these breakthroughs. A list of key projects to attract investment in Da Nang in the period of 2017-2020 was also issued to mobilize investment capital from the private sector.

After the APEC 2017 Summit Week, the role and position of Da Nang has been enhanced. However, to promote this, Da Nang needs to have many breakthroughs and innovations in order to create a more open and more attractive investment environment for investors.

Currently, Da Nang City is stepping up the implementation of solutions including: Continuing to innovate investment promotion methods through the organization of investment promotion activities suitable to each object of investment attraction, especially transnational corporations, large corporations in the country; strengthening the organization of investment promotion conferences and seminars in accordance with specific subjects and partners, focusing on key markets such as Japan, Korea, Singapore and the United States; promoting cooperation with foreign diplomatic missions in Vietnam, international organizations such as JETRO (Japan), KCCI (Korea), BOI (Thailand), IE (Singapore), EUROCHAM, AMCHAM ..., international investment consulting companies to organize investment promotion activities and approaching potential investors.

The city has also been and will continue to study and complete the planning of the land fund outside industrial parks (IPs) and High-tech parks, to prepare a clean land fund in order to attract a number of key investment projects, helping investors to shorten the time to make investment decisions; to effectively implement the Government's Decree on preferential mechanism for Da Nang High-tech park.

The city is speeding up the completion of infrastructure and development of industrial clusters (ICs), in which: completing the infrastructure of existing ICs including: Thanh Vinh IC, Non Nuoc stone carving village and Hoa Son split stone village; developing 7 new ICs to meet the basic land needs for small and medium-sized production establishments, including: Cam Le, Hoa Nhon, Hoa Phong, Hoa Khanh Nam, Hoa Hiep Bac, Nam O Fish Sauce Village and 1 IC to focus on the handicraft industry in Da Nang for tourism. The total area of ​​ICs in the city is expected to reach 242 hectares by 2020, an increase of 165 hectares from the present.

The city will focus on completing infrastructure of new IPs under the direction of the Prime Minister (Official Letter 555 / TTg-CN dated 18/4/2017) on adjusting and supplementing the overall planning for developing IPs in Da Nang to 2020, including new development planning of Hoa Cam IP - phase 2 (119 hectares), Hoa Ninh IP (400 hectares) and Hoa Nhon IP (393.57 hectares), bringing the area of ​​IPs to 1,918.21 hectares by 2020, an increase of 851.69 hectares compared to the present (up 79.9%).

It will establish Da Nang coastal economic zone to effectively mobilize and exploit domestic and foreign resources, potential comparative advantages of the city, link the city with localities in Central and Central Highlands Key economic regions and the whole country.

Da Nang also recognizes that it is necessary to research and develop Da Nang Bay into a seaport urban area, becoming a new investment destination to attract investors in the field of logistics services associated with investment in Lien Chieu Port, in which consideration should be given to the development between the Western region and the Da Nang Bay area.

Currently, most of the land resources, especially coastal land, have been allocated to investors by the city, so it is necessary to continue urging the investors to implement the projects according to their committed progress.

The city will continue to promote administrative procedure reform, accelerating the application of information technology in the implementation of administrative procedures related to investment and production and business activities; publicly and transparently posting legal provisions, mechanisms, policies, scheming and plans related to land and administrative procedures.