Maintaining Peace and Stability for National Development

11:39:53 AM | 12/27/2019

At the 30th anniversary of the All-National Defense Day and the 75th founding anniversary of the Vietnam People's Army, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc delivered a speech honoring achievements and victories of the Vietnam People's Army in the past 75 years, and noted key tasks for the near future. Vietnam Business Forum Magazine would like to quote this speech.

Throughout the history of national construction and defense, the Vietnamese have always upheld the heroic, indomitable and united tradition in fighting against foreign invaders, defending the nation's independence and maintaining the territorial sovereignty. Under the absolute and direct leadership of the Party and President Ho Chi Minh, inheriting and upholding patriotism, national military art, promoting the love and care of the people, harnessing the support of international friends, for the past 75 years, the Heroic Vietnamese People's Army has always shown the bravery of a revolutionary army, from the people, for the people to fight. The Army is a special political force, an absolutely loyal and reliable fighting force of our Party, State and people; and has joined the entire people in fighting and achieving great victories in the cause of revolutionary struggle, national liberation, national defense and fulfilling glorious international obligations.

Immediately after its establishment, the Armed Propaganda Unit for the Nation won two battles Phai Khat and Na Ngan, opening the Vietnamese People’s Army’s tradition of determination to fight and determination to win, moving forward with the entire people to break the yoke of colonial ruling, winning the historic August Revolution 1945, and giving birth to the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. In the wars against colonialism and imperialism to defend the fatherland, despite uncountable sacrifices and hardships, Uncle Ho’s army, from generation to generation, has been always united, smart and brave, together with the whole Party and the entire people, to win glorious feats, successively defeat aggression wars, climaxed by the historic world-shaking Dien Bien Phu victory in 1954 and the Ho Chi Minh Operation in the spring of 1975 to regain independence, peace and reunification.

In the era of building and defending the Fatherland, upholding the good nature and the glorious tradition and playing a pivotal role in the task of building and consolidating national defense, our army has constantly surmounted all difficulties and challenges; always upheld the spirit of revolutionary vigilance, determination, persistence in fighting and firmly defending the territorial sovereignty of the country, sea and islands. The army has always been a leading force in rescue work, resolved war consequences, prevented and fought natural disasters and well implemented rear military policies. At the same time, it has effectively joined socioeconomic development programs and built economic-defense zones and national strategic projects for the country. It has worked closely with Party committees and local governments to participate in gratitude movements, help people reduce poverty, build shelters, and strengthen a strong grassroots political system, especially in key areas, deep-lying, remote areas, ethnic minority areas, border-sharing areas and islands.

Over the past years, international defense cooperation has been strengthened. We have responsibly and effectively joined UN peacekeeping, addressed war consequences, and promoted international cooperation and humanitarian assistance to maintain peace and stability in the region and the world.

In the coming years, the world and regional situation will continue to be complicated, unpredictable and deeply impactful on Vietnam. In order to continuously strengthen national defense, and firmly defend the fatherland, on behalf of Party and State leaders, I propose the Central Military Commission, the Ministry of Defense and central and local authorities focus on the following main tasks: Continuing to thoroughly grasp and effectively implement Party and State lines, views, guidelines and policies on national defense construction and consolidation for peace and self-defense, direct the tasks of building and firmly defending the Socialist Republic of Vietnam; continuing to build and consolidate competence, posture and defense forces in each locality to form a strong national defense background; incorporating economic and cultural construction and development with strengthening national defense and security in a unified strategy; maximizing all resources, creating synergy to build and defend the fatherland; stepping up propaganda and education to raise awareness and responsibility of all levels of authority, sectors and the entire people for the cause of national defense; thoroughly grasping the lesson of combining national strength with the power of the times; promoting foreign defense affairs.

Having undergone many struggles against aggressive forces and suffering great losses and sacrifices, the people of Vietnam always aspired for and understood the value of peace, independence and freedom. Therefore, one of the important tasks of Vietnam’s military in peacetime is to proactively prevent and repel the risk of war, to maintain a peaceful and stable environment for national development. Under any condition and circumstance, the Party and the State always take care of strengthening national defense, build a strong people's armed forces, and play a role in the cause of building and defending our beloved Vietnam.