Vietnam Expects to Welcome 1 Million Russian Visitors in 2020

2:02:28 PM | 10/1/2020

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the diplomatic relationship between Vietnam and the Russian Federation in 2020, Vietnam has actively promoted tourism to Russia to create breakthroughs with this potential market.

The Vietnam - Russia relationship, with its good tradition of friendship, respect, deep trust and mutual assistance, has overcome many challenges and is reaching new heights. Besides the achievements in economy and trade cooperation, Vietnam and Russia have also achieved positive results in tourism cooperation. Based on that foundation and the strengths of tourism culture, especially marine tourism, Vietnam has become a favored destination for many Russian tourists.

According to the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (under Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism), Russia is Vietnam’s sixth largest inbound market, behind China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and the United States. The number of Russian visitors to Vietnam reached 365,000 arrivals in 2014, about 606,637 in 2018, and 646,524 in 2019. According to the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, Vietnam can welcome one million Russian tourists this year.

Vietnam is a favored destination for Russian tourists as it is a beautiful country, with tropical climate and a 3,260km long coastline having many beautiful beaches that are highly appreciated by the world, especially in the Central region, blue sea, white sand and sunny weather are the factors suitable for tourists from Russia and Russian-speaking countries, particularly in cold days from November to March. Russian tourists like to go to beaches, resorts, and staying at high-end accommodations and shopping for handicrafts.

In addition, Russian visitors are long-stay guests (from 11 to 13 days), often choosing 3 to 5-star hotels to stay. Along with the length of their stay, guests from Russia spend 3-4 times as much as other countries.

Mr. Stephan Roemer, CEO of Diethelm Travel Group, said: “New hotels and accommodation services are constantly opening in Vietnam, suitable for all spending levels. Notably, Phu Quoc Island has become a popular charter destination, contributing to boosting the number of Russian tourists to Vietnam in general."

Mr. Konyushkov Alexey, Deputy Head of the Federal Agency for Tourism of the Russian Federation, also affirmed: “Russia and Vietnam have great tourism potential, rich cultural-historical and natural resources. Peoples of the two countries have a tradition of showing sincere interest in each other. Vietnam is one of the important tourism partners for Russia, and Russia is pleased to see the strengthening of relations at the interdisciplinary level. ”

To welcome Russian guests, travel businesses have tailored many programs to the tastes of customers, such as Saigontourist, Vietravel and Goldentour.

Saigontourist’s Marketing Director Pham Thanh Tra said that for many years, Saigontourist has introduced many new and attractive products specifically for Russian customers. Many units of Saigontourist have established separate "Russian Market" departments with highly qualified personnel, ready to provide a wide range of products and services from economy class to high class for Russian customers. Many high-class hotels and resorts of Saigontourist are consistent favorites for accommodation, relaxation, food and entertainment, giving a good impression to Russian tourists and the Russian community currently living and working in Vietnam.

 To upgrade cooperation in tourism to a new level, Vietnam has actively participated in major international tourism events in Russia and signed many tourism cooperation agreements between the two countries. In particular, during the visit to Russia by Vietnam Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc in May 2019, the two sides signed a Memorandum of Understanding for tourism cooperation in the period 2019-2024. Many activities were also organized in 2019 to achieve the goal of welcoming one million Russian tourists in 2020, such as Ho Chi Minh City International Tourism Fair in 2019, Vietnam-Russia Tourism Cooperation Conference in 2019 aiming to exchange and discuss measures to promote cooperation, increase tourist flows and create conditions for peoples of the two countries to visit each other.

On the business side, Mr. Vo Anh Tai, Deputy General Director of Saigontourist, shared: “In order to attract Russian customers, besides paying attention to developing products and services, assigning human resources in charge of the Russian market, we always attach special importance to promoting and marketing Vietnam tourism through tourism fairs, conferences, seminars in Russia."

In the coming time, Mr. Dinh Ngoc Duc - Director of the Tourism Market Department (under Vietnam National Administration of Tourism), said that Vietnam Tourism will focus on increasing the number of Russian tourists to Vietnam through direct flights between the two countries, the increasing demand of Russian tourists for Vietnam's marine and island tourism products, and on the basis of the good relationship between Vietnam and Russia.

With the fine traditions of the two nations, Vietnam and the Russian Federation have many favorable conditions to promote cooperation in tourism and Vietnam has many advantages to attract more Russian tourists.

“I believe that the Vietnam-Russia tourism cooperation will become more and more effective, worthy of the comprehensive strategic partnership between Vietnam and Russia. In particular, tourism businesses of the two countries will have more opportunities to cooperate more closely, offer attractive tourism products and programs, and strongly promote the exchange of tourists between the two sides in the coming time.”

Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Le Quang Tung

Giang Tu (Vietnam Business Forum)