Drafting Policy on Management of E-commerce Activities for Imports, Exports

9:20:44 AM | 6/16/2020

When buying exports and imports via e-commerce platforms, individuals and organizations will carry out convenient customs procedures. The Ministry of Finance was assigned to draft a decree to this effect.

Previously, in the Prime Minister's Decision 431/QD-TTg dated March 27, 2020 approving the scheme on management of goods exported and imported via e-commerce environment, the Ministry of Finance was assigned to build a decree concerning this concern and submit it to the Government for promulgation.

Currently, the ministry has completed the draft decree on customs management of goods exported and imported via e-commerce environment, collected opinions from relevant ministries, agencies, the Vietnam Fatherland Front and the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI).

In the draft, the ministry pointed out issues that need to be addressed: The rationale for the decree; regulations on customs electronic data processing system; customs procedures, tax calculating, collecting and payment methods and procedures for goods exported and imported via e-commerce; and specialized inspection.

According to the ministry, the draft decree aims to create a legal corridor for individuals and organizations involved in e-commerce of exports and imports to carry out proactive customs procedures.

In addition, ensuring clear and transparent contents consistent with international practices is a basis for defining customs procedures, as well as enforcing them simply, transparently, publicly and conveniently. The rule also ensures fair and square competition among entities involved in e-commerce.

By Le Hien, Vietnam Business Forum