Government, Businesses and Citizens Need to Join Hands to Promote Digital Transformation

9:52:13 AM | 7/16/2020

Digital transformation cannot be separated from the country's socio-economic conditions. The government promotes digital transformation to better manage and serve the people. Businesses convert to digital to develop, bringing better services to people. People should be encouraged to participate in digital transformation for their own benefit.

Digital transformation helps improve Vietnam's rankings

Speaking at the seminar "Digital Transformation: Opportunities and Challenges" recently organized by the Vietnam Association for Information Processing (VAIP) in collaboration with  information technology organizations and associations, Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung affirmed that the Covid-19 pandemic had caused much  damage to the economy, but also created opportunities for the development of ICT businesses. The Covid-19 pandemic is a big push, a "hundred-year opportunity" for the IT industry, especially for digital transformation. This will positively contribute to improving Vietnam's rankings and help Vietnam develop.

According to Mr. Nguyen Huy Dung, Director of Computerization Department, the three main pillars of the National Digital Transformation Program are Digital Government, Digital Economy and Digital Society. Accordingly, a digital government will operate effectively, increase transparency and reduce corruption. A digital economy will contribute to creating new values and new growth models. A digital society will bring equal opportunity to access new services and knowledge.

In fact, in recent time, the Covid-19 pandemic has made digital transformation activities stronger in education (online teaching), online public services, e-commerce, remote medical examination and treatment. From practical requirements, the direct anti-pandemic applications have been strongly developed such as remote consultation system, digitized medical declarations, and procedures for tracing cases.

Regarding Vietnam's digital transformation opportunities, Minister Nguyen Manh Hung affirmed that Vietnam has nearly 100 million people, a big enough market to develop Vietnamese platforms. Besides, Vietnam also has many advantages of digital transformation policy and many IT businesses, which are the biggest advantages. Most recently, on June 3, the Prime Minister approved the National Digital Transformation Program aiming at the dual goal of developing a digital government, a digital economy, a digital society and establishing Vietnam’s digital technology enterprises capable of competing globally.

However, besides the opportunities, Vietnam's digital transformation is also facing many difficulties. One of the biggest difficulties is human resources. Vietnam still lacks both experts and popular skills for people. In addition, the infrastructure, platform, digital environment are not yet ready, businesses have low readiness for digital transformation. Therefore, in the coming time, the digital transformation process will create an open, synchronized, highly-connected digital platform, ensuring reliability, transparency and security. At the same time, it is necessary to improve the technological and digital capacity of the people, creating value for growth and development.

The common issue for the whole population

The "essence" of digital transformation, according to Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam, is increasing IT application in all aspects of life. With a consistent view of "people-centered," various people-related areas are prioritized in digital transformation, such as health, education, finance, banking, agriculture, environment and culture.

However, in order to carry out the digital transformation successfully, it is necessary to involve the Government, businesses and people. Accordingly, the Government must realize, must want digital transformation to operate more effectively, help the country develop faster, make the society more stable, serve people better, and promote people's ownership right better.

For businesses, information technology enterprises play a leading role in guiding units and individuals. Therefore, information technology enterprises need to deploy electronic services towards a digital government, creating platforms, investing in digital infrastructure to train human resources. Currently, the technology to transform from information systems to information technology platforms allows the digital transformation of enterprises and units to be performed more quickly and methodically.

Besides, people should be encouraged to participate in digital transformation for themselves. Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam also noted that cities and some ministries needed to be oriented and persistent because this is a long journey. Accordingly, it is important to identify areas that need focus. The first field is health, followed by education, banking and finance, agriculture, transport, environment and energy.

By Ha Thu, Vietnam Business Forum