Change in Mindset of Leaders Needed in Successful Digital Transformation

9:53:41 AM | 7/16/2020

The Vietnam Digital Transformation Project is engaged by the Government, businesses and people. The Government uses digital transformation to better manage and serve the people. Businesses use it to develop and deliver better services to people. People need to be encouraged to join digital transformation on their own. Digital transformation has become one strategic approach to economic development.

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam said the core of digital transformation is to expand information technology application to all aspects of life. Countries consider digital transformation as a strategic development approach. In particular, people are placed at the center of this process. The fields relating to people are prioritized for digital transformation such as health, education, finance, banking, agriculture, environment and culture. The ultimate goal of a government or a regime is social stability and economic development. People are cared for both physically and mentally, and benefit from culture and civilization. They can develop their values ​​and contribute to society, not only the homeland but all humanity.

He said we must identify our weaknesses and strengths to successfully carry out digital transformation, including stable society, dynamic economy, optimistic people. However, Vietnam's shortcomings are poor attitude and discipline at work, weak cooperation, and insufficient strategic persistence in long-term plans and projects.

Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung said, digital transformation in Vietnam should be done in the “way of Vietnam” because digital transformation is relevant to all industries and should be adapted to Vietnamese culture. Importantly, a successful digital transformation requires the change in mindset of leaders.

For businesses, digital transformation relates to the shift of governance paradigm, business model, working methods, and should be started from simple, specific things within their capabilities. For the people, Vietnam will be able to synergize the public power and bring strong confidence that digital transformation will actively help upgrade Vietnam's rankings and development.

In the ongoing fight against the COVID-19 epidemic, digital transformation has become stronger in education (online learning), online public services, e-commerce, and remote medical examination and treatment. Technology applications have been strongly developed for this cause, including remote consultation system, electronic medical declarations and infection tracking procedures. Only in six months, the Ministry of Health completed providing Level 4 online public services instead of five years as planned.

“The most important goal of digital transformation is to make people feel they need to do, they want to do and they can do. This is a huge task for IT workers,” said Deputy Prime Minister Dam. Therefore, the Vietnam Association of Information Processing (VAIP) and relevant associations need to work with the Ministry of Information and Communications to quickly develop a new “measure” of IT applications by central and local authorities; enhance the dissemination of information technology knowledge to the whole society.

Digital transformation is hugely beneficial and productive. Mr. Nguyen Huy Dung, Director of the Computerization Department under the Ministry of Information and Communications, said, the working of the digital government will enhance transparency and reduce corruption. The digital economy will help create new values and new growth models. The digital society will bring equal opportunity to access new services and access knowledge.

When the country transforms digitally, IT companies play a leading role. For that reason, they need to launch electronic services for the digital government, create platforms, invest in digital infrastructure, and train human resources. Currently, the technological transformation from the information system to the IT platform enables digital transformation of enterprises and units to be performed more quickly and methodically.

By Quynh Anh, Vietnam Business Forum