Vinh Phuc Opens 17th Provincial Party Congress

10:00:37 AM | 10/23/2020

The Vinh Phuc Provincial Party Committee recently held the 17th Provincial Party Congress (2020 - 2025 term) with the theme of “Building a clean and strong Party and political system, strengthening solidarity, promoting democracy, tightening discipline, boosting innovation and developing comprehensively, rapidly and sustainably, building Vinh Phuc province into a modern, prosperous, powerful and civilized city” at the Vinh Phuc Convention Center.

Delivering the opening speech to the congress, Secretary of the Vinh Phuc Provincial Party Committee Hoang Thi Thuy Lan emphasized that, in the past term, upholding high unity and solidarity, promoting democracy and inheriting achievements and experiences of the previous term, the Provincial Party Committee closely followed the leadership and direction of the central government and creatively adapted to local practical conditions. Therefore, many targets and criteria in the Resolution of the 16th Provincial Party Congress were fulfilled, even topping the country like GDP growth of 7.1%, high labor productivity growth of 8.5%, the country’s second largest domestic State budget revenue - second only to Hanoi, and nearly 50% of budget revenue transferred to the central State Budget. In particular, industry continued to be an important driving force, not only for the province but for the whole country (Vinh Phuc contributes nearly 4.5% of the country’s industrial output value).

Besides, the province achieved progress in social culture, social security, and the cultural and spiritual life of the people.

She suggested that each delegate at the congress raise their sense of responsibility to the Party Committee and the people in the province and discuss contents and agendas for the success of the congress.

Representing the Politburo at the congress, Politburo member Vuong Dinh Hue congratulated and praised what the Party Committee, the government, the army and the people of Vinh Phuc province achieved in the last term and suggested that the Vinh Phuc Provincial Party Committee effectively build and rectify the Party under the spirit of the Central Party Resolution 4 of the 11th and 12th terms, the Directive 05 of the Politburo and regulations on exemplary conduct in order to make a clear change in preventing the deterioration of political ideology, morality and lifestyle of some Party members. It will necessarily improve leadership and combating capacity of Party Committees and Party cells; drastically change the mindset, content and ways of leadership and direction of all levels of Party; strengthen discipline; maintain and promote solidarity and unity in the Party and political system. It must effectively carry out all stages related to Party personnel; strengthen internal political protection, and take care of building Party personnel at all levels, with leaders of the Party and the government acting with exemplary dignity. The Provincial Party Committee must intensify inspection to keep corruption and waste at bay.

On economic development, Vinh Phuc needs to coordinate with central and local agencies in the Hanoi region to engage and utilize all available investment resources for key interregional projects, particularly traffic infrastructure; speed up growth innovation and economic restructuring, carry out three strategic breakthroughs, and build a modern, prosperous and powerful Vinh Phuc province.

By Nguyet Tham, Vietnam Business Forum