VBS 2020: Unique opportunity to promote trade and investment in the digital age

2:44:49 PM | 11/9/2020

Being one of the most important events to the business community in the framework of 2020 ASEAN Summit, Vietnam Business Summit 2020 organized by VCCI is expected to attract thousand of delegates ranging from domestic businesses to foreign groups and multinational corporations.

Under the theme “Digitized Viet Nam: Toward Resilient, Responsive and Sustainable Development”, VBS 2020 is held on 12/11/2020 in Ha Noi in a hybrid format: in-person gathering for businesses in Viet Nam and virtually for foreign delegates.

There are 3 main sub-themes to be discussed in the Summit: Opportunities and challenges for Viet Nam in the context of the COVID 19 pandemic; Smart logistics: Key for Viet Nam to advance in the global supply chain; and fruitful cooperation in innovative agriculture to contribute to the global food security.

On June 3rd , 2020, the Prime Minister issued No 749/QĐ-TTg decision passing “National digital transformation program to 2025 with an orientation to 2030” with an aim of being among top 50 countries in E-government.

Accordingly, Viet Nam will become a digitized, sustainable and wealthy country, a pioneer in experimenting new technologies and models. Government administration and management activities, business activities along with people’s lifestyle and work … will be reformed basically and thoroughly. A humane, safe and widespread digitized environment will be developed

Never before have Vietnamese as well as ASEAN businesses faced such difficulties and ordeals like in the context of Covid 19. However, it’s also a chance for businesses, especially MMSEs to review their old business methods, to apply technology and the Internet to transfer business models, to optimize resources and costs, to broaden market approaches,  to help workers to work away from the offices, avoiding unnecessary direct touches; thereby getting through difficult post-pandemic period, surviving, developing and ensuring social security.

The theme of VBS 2020 “ Digitized Viet Nam: Toward Resilient, Responsive and Sustainable Development” is chosen by VCCI to demonstrate optimistic spirit in overcoming difficulties and challenges of the global economic recession caused by Covid 19 pandemic. This, in combination with the Viet Nam creative reformation in the Fourth industrial revolution will turn Viet Nam into a trustworthy destination for investment and global trade to develop sustainably.

This is the fourth year VCCI have organized VBS. The first VBS was held in the APEC 2017 to promote trade and investment to delegates of the APEC CEO Summit 2017. Up to now, VBS has become the biggest annual trade and investment promotion summit of Viet Nam. VBS not only succeeds in promoting the innovation policies, assisting localities in promoting trade and attracting investment, but also being an effective forum for policy makers to listen to the opinions of domestic and foreign economic experts and the business community in order to improve Vietnam's business and investment environment to become more open and transparent. VBS's success has contributed to enhancing Vietnam's reputation in the international market, promoting Vietnam's image as an important connection in the global value chain to international investors.

With the participation of leaders of the government, ministries and leaders of provinces and cities, VBS is a platform to boost trade and investment in Vietnam. This summit also introduce Vietnam as one of the best destinations for FDI and exchange of knowledge, information, demands for  Vietnamese business community as well as foreign investors.


Time: 12 November 2020

Venue: Deawoo Hotel, 360 Kim Ma, Hanoi

Registration and Summit’s program can be found at vietnambusinesssumit.com.vn

Guide for online participation will be sent individually to registered delegate prior to the event.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum