The Therapy That Nourishes the Soul

10:47:01 AM | 11/15/2020

If meditation is one of great solutions to dispel stress and fatigue, enjoying a cup of natural mineral water is a “therapy to nourish the soul” that relieves pressures and clean messes in the mind. Because water is stored both inside and outside the cell, it helps metabolize nutrients, filters waste, regulates body temperature, sends messages to the brain and "cools" all parts of the body.

Try it now to see the immediate effect!

“Heal” and “refresh” the soul

All humans have joy and sorrow and witness reunion and parting. The moon is sometimes full and sometimes not. No matter how much time elapses and no matter how much life has changed, having optimistic and liberal spirit, having equanimity in life and living a carefree life is the most valuable thing in life. Spending a few minutes to relax and thinking of every drop of pure natural mineral water to "pause" the time to refresh the spirit and "reset" the body.

Drinking enough water helps your memory stay shar

Slowly listening to the wishes from the bottom of your heart, it will be an opportunity for you to see at yourself, to see whether you know how to love and value your body or just want it to work without any care.

According to scientists, drinking enough water makes your memory constantly sharp. A good mood will motivate you to think more easily in all matters. Therefore, refilling enough water consumed every day helps you control stress well and maintain your mental balance. Imagine that an energetic ‘hydrated’ body will take you to a paradise where all sorrows will disappear and your body is completely purified and spiritually ‘healed’ and ‘refreshed’, making you happier, healthier and blither.

An Hao natural drinking water” is tapped from groundwater formed under the legendary That Son Mountain Range, deposited deep in the ground, permeated through layers of natural filters like soil and rock. It absorbs mineral salts other trace elements proven good for health. Usually, this refinement process takes centuries or even millenniums. Therefore, “An Hao natural drinking water” is considered an invaluable gift with trace minerals such as sodium, calcium and magnesium that involves in formation of cell structure, fluid balance, growth of bone, muscle and teeth and supports the functionality of the nervous system.

If you want to measure the “honey of the sun” in a solar farm, you can base on the complexion color of local people or if you want to measure the mineral content in the water that they use, you can rely on the strong white teeth of local people. This is the reason why An Hao residents always have beautiful teeth. They are endowed by nature with a huge “source” of minerals, with the richest being calcium - the important element that makes teeth and jaws.

Micronutrients make our teeth healthy and beautiful

One study found that calcium from mineral water is comparable (and possibly even better) than dairy products. Therefore, using mineral water regularly is the best way to maintain oral health such as cleaning the oral cavity, digesting food and neutralizing acid from food. Drinking water with a good amount of fluoride also helps prevent tooth decay and strengthen the teeth by adding fluoride for re-mineralization of tooth enamel.

Drinking mineral water scientifically and reasonably will provide you with enough essential minerals that the body cannot produce, optimally support your health recovery, promote your blood circulation and enhance your heart health. This will give you a young, beautiful rosy skin.

Calm, flexible response and wise solution

The Covid-19 pandemic swayed and even reversed billions of lives on the earth. About 9,000 domestic companies went bankrupt each month, enough to show the lackluster economic picture of Vietnam early this year. The crisis seems to steal many things but it is a thrilling test for businesses that are calm enough to "responsive, flexible and wise”. They know how to make a leap in the context that the vast majority of companies accept to scale down their operations.

Saying no to “delay”, Sao Mai Group is still steadfast in keeping the moving pace, making a series of response scenarios, and creating new products to people’s essential needs. To take initiative in the challenging playground during the Covid-19 era, Sao Mai Group is always ready, aiming and shooting.

Surprisingly overcoming the Covid-19 storm, the ship of Sao Mai Group had already become stronger to reach the vast sea. Carrying aspirations to enter the global market, the luggage is the careful preparation to understand what customers want and need and what they “thirst” for. With its accurate judgment, Sao Mai Group touched the heart of customers and had solutions to win their trust with the most natural thing.  

Blowing a new, extraordinarily creative breeze into products that contain “brain matter” and “heart”, Sao Mai Group will be one of giants in the Vietnamese beverage industry that considerably contribute to macroeconomic stability and ensure social security. The group has demonstrated a good community responsibility, and harmonized interests of the government, the company and the consumers. The cool droplets of An Hao natural water promise to bring you a rich inner force that touches your dreams, arouse your passion and generate your new ideas as a therapy to nurture your nice mind and soul.

Ky Duyen (Vietnam Business Forum)