Flying over Phung Hoang Mountain

3:36:08 PM | 11/30/2020

On November 28-29, the fairyland of Phung Hoang Son (Phung Hoang Mountain) and the majestic scenery of Tuc Dup Hill will be captured in the sight of nearly 100 paragliding pilots across the country flying across the southwestern sky of the country.

“Flying over Phung Hoang Mountain” is the theme of the first paragliding show, held in Tri Ton district, An Giang province, for enthusiasts to conquer the air in the new destination in the Southwest. Spectators will be delighted with colorful performances and impressive aerial arts.

Flying on Phung Hoang Son will be held for the first time in An Giang province

Phung Hoang Son features a gorgeous natural landscape, portrayed by a picture of immense and majestic mountains, depicted by many legendary stories about Vang (Golden) Brook and peaceful Soai Check Lake. The most prominent landscape is Tuc Dup Hill in the west of Phung Hoang Son Mountain, one of the most beautiful and famous hills in the grandiose That Son (Seven Mountains) region.

Watching from a distance, Tuc Dup Hill is like a phoenix embracing a chain of caves, large and small, and many rocks lying in the middle of immense forests. With winding alleys, formed by rock on rock that creates many unique shapes, you will surely desire to visit here at least once in life.

Standing on the top of the hill, you can enjoy stunningly impressive paragliding performances of the pilots

At an altitude of 216 meters, Tuc Dup Hill features a bow-shaped terrain stretching about 3km long. What else is more wonderful than when you are standing on the hill to watch the swinging of artistic paragliders above a mountain landscape flying with white clouds. And, at the foot of the hill lies flowering flamboyant rows where photographers take aerial photos of the paragliders in the above sky. Especially, in this season, strips of ripe rice fields, looking like golden silk strips, are brilliantly coloring the peaceful countryside.

During Tri Ton Paragliding Festival, you should take this chance to explore appealing entertainment services such as playing national defense sports, shooting with real bullets, visiting the zoo, flying a super-speed roller coaster, pedaling duck-shaped boats, rowing lake yachts, fishing crocodiles and playing free games like rowing, brook bathing and cycling. Besides, you can also enjoy That Son special foods at Tuc Dup Restaurant like O Thum chicken roasting, beef cooked with forest leaves, eel braised with noni leaves and pancakes served with mountain vegetables.

Flying on Phung Hoang Son to see the more magnificent landscape of the country, love the homeland more and feel prouder of natural endowments. The unbeatable spirit of revolutionary warriors was immersed in the fatherland to add the color of victorious flowers on the so-called Immortality Hill in An Giang.

You can play many free games at Tuc Dup

With a series of unique events, interesting check-ins and rich local cuisines, Tuc Dup is a destination that you should not skip if you intend to watch practiced performances of paragliders flying like sky birds in the fanciful landscape of Phung Hoang Son.

Here, you can enjoy specialties of the mountains and the forests

Be quick to book your tickets to Tuc Dup to keep this rare opportunity in hand. For further information, please contact Tuc Dup Tourist Area, An Tuc commune, Tri Ton district, An Giang province, telephone hotline: 0387472276 to talk with our staff for free consultation.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum