Peaceful Sky of Birds of Paradise Flower

10:08:05 AM | 1/9/2021

Tall buildings have taken up the sky for birds and even brutally trimmed trees affect the habitats of the species. That is a reason why birds flock together to migrate to the mountains. Charmingly, many species of intelligent birds flock to Tra Su, an immense green forest, as an ideal place to settle down, flap their arrogant wings to keep their mission of beautifying life.

Rare birds are nourished and cared for in the flooded green paradise

Recently, a flock of five cranes were discovered to choose this place as a safe haven by a group of tourists passionate about wildlife discovery. "Maybe, they are still too afraid to be found in a greater number here. We are very lucky to see this rare bird with our own eyes," said the witnessing visitors. Beautifully named “birds of paradise flower” symbolize the eternal life of sky birds, always heading to “flooded blue paradise” - a warmly shared habitat where they are protected and cherished by the benevolent tourism investor here.

Natural discovery hobby

The liking of “going back to nature” not only appeared recently but existed since the time of Lao Tzu who lived thousands of years ago and advocated living with the true nature. In his “Equality of Things” book, Zhuang Zhou, an influential Chinese philosopher, developed the idea that “heaven and earth are born with me, all things and I are one", expressing the human aspiration to be mixed with nature.

This is also a new "trend" of tourists. The longer people live in an increasingly modern and developed world, the more strongly they want to return to nature to seek balance. Tra Su has always been the most popular destination in the south of Vietnam during two Covid-19 epidemic attacks because the investor of Tra Su Melaleuca Forest always places the “safe destination” principle on top, apply green tourism standards with the synchronized "safe process" to gradually form a "new tourism culture” to win the trust of visitors.

Sustainable tourism development at the Tra Su Melaleuca Forest Tourist Site was established on “new ecological morale", meaning the return to nature does not mean going back to the "dark time" but adapted to the high level of current development instead, even a "human" nature as Karl Marx, a German philosopher, pointed out that "Human can perceive the laws of nature and use them effectively in their practical activities”. The investor understands the power of nature "only respecting it to master it". This has become a guiding compass for building the so-called ecological morale on the values ​​that nature generously bestows on Tra Su Melaleuca Forest.

Painting is drawn by wings of a bird

Going along the romantic road leading to the Tra Su Melaleuca Forest Tourist Area, immense rice fields and uniquely shaped tall palm trees on both sides will easily fascinate every visitor. Local young girls in traditional costume, featured by “ao ba ba” shirt and a conical hat, skillfully row the boat slowly into the fairy world of the mysterious green forest. You will have the opportunity to admire age-old cajuput roots showing off their roots like graceful dresses or elegant willows moving with the water currents.

Tuong Vy - A Vietnamese ao dai beauty in 2020 is excited to "check in" at the most beautiful Melaleuca forest in Vietnam

The landscape of Tra Su Melaleuca Forest will comfort everyone who likes to explore and seek to live with simple and poetic things. Going to Tra Su, you will live with a beautiful green landscape blended by vivid natural elements. You will feel very lucky to see the "picture of white storks and green trees" in the slightly red sunset. Your ecstasy will be freshly added with bustling cool wind in an incredibly tranquil world.

Existing on a symbiotic relationship for hundreds of years, sky birds and water fishes live together in the peaceful habitat of Tra Su. That is why they come here to live and proliferate to form a unique rich vegetation carpet. You will be impressed to see Indian pheasants with elegant cobalt blue feathers walking thoughtfully with black-crowned night herons on lotus leaves or nesting and hatching birds on hyacinths moving with the wave of water.

Tens of thousands of white wings beat rhythmically with green leaves. Like being already trained, birds fly up to the sky to build a heart-shaped picture to welcome newly wedded couples taking photos celebrating their eternally happy marriage.

Tra Su, the most beautiful and famous melaleuca forest in Vietnam, the green lungs of the mysterious That Son region, always pulsates rhythmically in a pure space. Coming to Tra Su to enjoy what nature endows, you will feel like embracing the whole world of peaceful nature with your soul.

Dieu Lam (Vietnam Business Forum)