Upland Geological Museum

10:13:43 AM | 12/7/2020

Before becoming a museum of mountain geography, Tuc Dup used to be placed under deadly fire and bombardment during the Resistance War against America. Like a never-dying fire phoenix, Tuc Dup is always glorious and magnificent. Today, the mysterious beauty of the US$2 million hill was also reconstructed by An Giang Tourism Joint Stock Company to wear a new, splendid and beautiful cloak.

Going to Tuc Dup, standing on the hilltop to cast the eye on the chessboard-like green field below, you will feel like living in a tranquil atmosphere in a stunningly vast countryside scenery in Bay Nui Mountain.

From a distance, Tuc Dup Hill is like a phoenix embracing a chain of caves, large and small, and many rocks lined up in the middle of the vast forest as a witness of history. Here and there, winding alleys and piled up rocks create many unique shapes and portray a magnificent picture of the landscape.

Tuc Dup Hill - Natural Beauty

Perhaps, nature creates and endows That Son people with many mysterious stories, mixed with climaxes about a heroic era against foreign invaders. Colonel Le Thanh Cu, a historical witness of a 128-day glorious battle against invaders, asserted that there are inexplicable phenomena in this place. No matter how much fire, bullets, and toxic chemicals were dropped on by American invaders, revolutionary soldiers still steadfastly clung to the battlefield until the final victory.

That day, Tuc Dup had a lot of wild animals like tigers, boars, python, cobra and especially monkeys, he said. Every early morning or late afternoon, monkeys and gibbons scurried across tree branches. Sometimes, they even went to the soldier caves in search for food. That time seemed to have an explicable bond for sharing and shelter between humans and wild animals.

Not only monkeys and gibbons freely visited soldiers’ caves but cobras also came. They often chose to live in holes in the case, sometimes went to soldiers’ sleeping places to shelter. It was not strange to hear tigers growling in the distance under the moonlight. Cobras, as big as a water jars, raised up their heads and buzzed the air, caused soldiers to give way.

He said, millions of years ago, the people found the sacred stream of water from the advice of fairies. Therefore, revolutionary soldiers still lived well to fight against the enemy in the fiercest period as they lived on the water taken deep from the mountain and forest vegetables taken from the steep cliffs.

In addition to its precious historical values, Tuc Dup Hill features a perfect blend of rock and water elements. The landscape looks like a natural geographic museum with a series of caves, forests and historical relics. The ecosystem is always cool and airy, like an open air conditioner. If Cu Chi has an underground defense system, Tuc Dup had a cave-based defense system. Caves connect to each other by a rock gap. Caves shielded and protected our soldiers throughout the deadly war under heavy attacks of the enemy.

Mysterious fish brook in Tuc Dup attracts tourists

Now, the picture of Tuc Dup Hill is also adorned with ornamental flower parks, red flamboyant and colorful flowers. In the distance is a large lake where the water is purely blue.

Tuc Dup Hill Tourist Area also has entertainment and military sports areas where tourists can try shooting with real bullets, visit the zoo where African ostriches and mysterious fish springs are kept. Some recreational services such as roller coaster, duck-shape boat riding, pirate boat, lake yacht and crocodile fishing bring a sense of relaxation and comfort.

Do challenge your bravery with overnight experiences here to hear the wind singing in the afternoon, the sound of wild animals in the distance. Being released with the pleasure of the mountainous atmosphere, listening to the murmuring stream water flowing in the middle of the night and maybe listening to heroic wartime stories about Tuc Dup!


Source: Vietnam Business Forum